Packages requiring python

It's time to upgrade the python distributed with o4w to the current stable upstream release in the 2.x series, namely 2.7 (ticket #219). To that end here is a list of packages which rely on python, and their current status with regard to being py2.7 ready.

Please update the chart as needed.

Testing repository


Package Uploader Uploaded Notes
python Matt Wilkie 2.7.1-2 see pkg-python/Python27
qgis-dev Jürgen Fischer 1.8.0-1
psycopg2 Jürgen Fischer 2.4-1 updated from 2.3.2
pyparsing Jürgen Fischer 1.5.2-2 rebuilt
pyqt4 Jürgen Fischer 4.8.3-2 rebuilt with new sip
pyqwt5-qt4 Jürgen Fischer 5.2.0-2 rebuilt
pyspatialite Jürgen Fischer 2.3.1-2 rebuilt
python-simplejson Jürgen Fischer 2.1.5-1 updated from 2.0.9
sip Jürgen Fischer 4.12.1-2 updated from 4.8.2
python-numpy Jürgen Fischer 2.7-1.5.1-1 updated from 1.1.0
pyopengl Jürgen Fischer 3.0.1-1 updated from 3.0.0b8
liblas Matt Wilkie 1.7.0-2
matplotlib Jürgen Fischer 1.0.1-1 updated from 0.99.0, with Qt and w/o wxpython support
natgrid Jürgen Fischer 0.2-1 updated from 0.1 (toolkit to new matplotlib)
gdal-python Jürgen Fischer 1.8.0-1 bindings build from source and merged bin from 1.8.0-0
python-geopy Jürgen Fischer 0.94.1-1 updated from 0.93-1
python-shapely Jürgen Fischer 1.2.9-1 updated from 1.0.14-1
python-rpy Jürgen Fischer 1.0.3-2 using binaries from rpy-1.0.3.win32-py2.7-R.2.12.1
python-win32 Jürgen Fischer 2.16-1 updated from 2.12 using binaries from pywin32-216.win32-py2.7.exe
python-win32-demos Jürgen Fischer 2.16-1 updated from 2.12 using binaries from pywin32-216.win32-py2.7.exe
wxpython Jürgen Fischer updated from using binaries from wxPython2.8-win32-unicode-
python-xlrd Jürgen Fischer 0.7.1-2 using binaries from xlrd-0.7.1.win32.exe
python-xlwt Jürgen Fischer 0.7.2-2 using binaries from xlwt-0.7.2.win32.exe
pyodbc Jürgen Fischer 3.0.2-2 using binaries from pyodbc-3.0.2.win32-py2.7.exe
pygments Jürgen Fischer 1.4-2 from Pygments-1.4.tar.gz
python-pil Jürgen Fischer 1.1.7-1 from PIL-1.1.7.win32-py2.7.exe
qgis Jürgen Fischer 1.7.3-3
qgis-dev Jürgen Fischer 1.9.90-43
python-rpy2 Jürgen Fischer 2.3.9-1 using binaries from
mapscript-python Tamas Szekeres 6.4.1-2
mapscript-python-dev Tamas Szekeres 6.5.0-x daily build from
otb-python Julien Malik 4.0.1-1


Package 2.7 ready Upgrade lead Upstream 2.7 binaries
apt yes Matt Wilkie -
mapnik ? you? 2.6, no 2.7

Obsolete or pure python packages


Open Tickets

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Closed Tickets

matplotlib 1.0.1
update wxpython package
Upgrade python version
add python-pil
update otb-python package
update python mapscript packages for Python 2.7
update mapfish_framework packages to Python 2.7
add liblas-python packages for Python 2.7
update python-rpy2 package for Python 2.7
Add to set Python default encoding to UTF-8

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