• C++ Library providing JPEG read/write support with Intel IPP optimizations.
  • Provides DLL (bin/jpeg_osgeo.dll) which replaces the DLL from the normal libjpeg package.
  • External Dependency: In order for things to run, it is necessary to install the IPP runtime from Intel. The IPP runtime will have to be bundled with the install, somehow, as the EULA requires that it be distributed as "part of a larger work". See the EULA attached to page.
  • More information on IPP JPEG support is available at
  • This jpeg_osgeo.dll is believed to be compatible with adjusted libtiff, gdal, and gdal-dev packages. The GD built into MapServer may or may not work properly with this DLL (to be determined).
  • If this package is uninstalled, the libjpeg package will need to be explicitly installed again to re-provide the generic (safe) version of jpeg_osgeo.dll.
  • Maintained by PaulRamsey.
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