the ideas and theories which drive apt development and notes on the development environment

Browse the source online, subversion checkout:
svn co o4w-apt

Overall Goals

  • simple command line installation, upgrade and removal of packages
  • always compatible with osgeo4w-setup.exe. People should never feel like they have to choose one over the other.

Development Environment

For better or worse, this is what I use to work on pkg-apt.

IDE: I'm using this project to learn how to use the Leo Outline Editor. Bring into a @file node (drag and drop should do nicely) and you should see the functions split out into a tree that's somewhat easier to understand than a big long file. To use Leo with o4w's python apt install python-win32 pyqt4 sip.

PYTHON: I'm now working towards using solely 2.7 from the testing repository (as soon as I get the problem with x64 python registering properly licked, #114). As yet I don't think apt itself requires anything newer than 2.5.

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