Info on the OSGeo4W Build VM established at UCDavis by FrankWarmerdam and AlexMandel (wildintellect).

  • Lives at
  • Runs "Windows 7 Enterprise" 64bit.
  • Has Visual Studio 2010 Express installed (in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 2010).
  • Has Cygwin installed in c:\cygwin
  • Has parts of OSGeo4W installed in C:\OSGeo4W - Please keep this fresh and make sure all the interesting OSGeo4W dev packages are available here.
  • Is running Cygwin SSHD so it should be possible to ssh in to authorized accounts (ie. warmerdam)
  • Supports Remote Desktop Protocol desktop sessions.
  • Put shared builds in C:\Build subdirectories.
  • Some random notes of Frank's on setup at FranksVMNotes
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