Misc notes for the future on my setup of the UCDavisBuildVM setup.

  • Most work done on my own account (warmerdam).
  • Accessable as
  • Installed Cygwin normally plus a few packages.

ssh access

  • Enabled ssh login by running "ssh-host-config -y" (make sure it is from a cygwin shell "run as administrator").
  • It prompted for a password for the special admin account created, used my "normal" password.
  • Use the command "net start sshd" to start the service.
  • Then go into Windows Firewall, and select "Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall", hit "Change Settings", then "Allow another program...", "Browse" and select c:\cygwin\usr\sbin\sshd.exe.
  • Modify /etc/sshd_config to have the line ClientAliveInterval 60 to prevent ssh sessions from being dropped after a while, and restarted sshd.

Visual Studio

  • After installing VC2010 Express setup a $HOME/bin/ script to setup the environment from cygwin. Note that on 64bit VMs MSVC is in "\Program Files (x86)"

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