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Upgrade Trac installation

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Trac 0.12 was just released. We should install it while installation is still fresh in our minds, so that we don't get stuck behind.

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comment:1 by maphew, 13 years ago

Cc: maphew added

I could really use the page rename feature right now, which is in 0.12. I'm planning some page re-organization on osgeo4w so that the relationship between some packages and components is clearer. It looks like the only route I have available at the moment is to delete and recreate a new page with the proper name and paste old content. This would achieve my aim, but sacrifice version history.

For the pages I'm concerned with at the moment losing history is not huge deal, but goes against the grain of what maintaining history is about in the first place.

Other notable desirable improvements in 0.12 are:

  • side-by-side mode with automatic preview
  • editable comments (with appropriate permissions). This would help clean up the clutter created when people add new comments just to fix a bad url or typo
  • there's wording about "multi-project" support, which certainly sounds applicable to Osgeo

There are some caveats none of which look serious to me, though there could be some extra work if any projects are using text templates.

I understand you need to consider the impact on many places when upgrading a system which involves so many projects and that upgrading could take some time to complete. So I don't expect immediate or even soonish results. I would appreciate some kind of timeline if possible so that I can judge whether it's worth it for me to hold out or not. Thanks!

comment:2 by wildintellect, 13 years ago

A clone of the existing Trac server has been requested at OSL. Once that's up we can try an upgrade to see what we break.

comment:3 by martinl, 12 years ago

What's the current status? It's almost 22 months when this wish has been reported...

Thanks, Martin

comment:4 by wildintellect, 12 years ago was created as a clone of the Trac server. We need a new volunteer to attempt the upgrade as the original does not currently have time.

comment:5 by wenzeslaus, 11 years ago

Please note that now the current stable release is 1.0.1.

I believe that Wiki side-by-side edit mode with automatic (live) preview and Ticket creation with automatic (live) preview for content and comments would make work much easier especial to users reporting new tickets (e.g. live preview is one of important features at StackExchange).

I don't see the (working) preview in the demo for 0.12 (maybe it is turned off by default) but demo for 1.0 has it.

comment:6 by strk, 11 years ago

Does it make sense to keep this ticket open with current title ? Should it maybe renamed to "Upgrade Trac" ?

comment:7 by neteler, 11 years ago

Priority: normalmajor
Summary: Install Trac 0.12Upgrade Trac installation

comment:8 by martinl, 10 years ago

There is already Trac 1.0 available...

comment:9 by martinl, 10 years ago

This ticket is open for 4 years, is there any chance that a new version of Trac will be installed?

comment:10 by jef, 10 years ago

BTW debian jessie will have TRAC 1.0.2

comment:11 by wildintellect, 10 years ago

A clone VM was made 2 years ago to allow someone to attempt the upgrade (TracSVN2). No one volunteered try.

We recently started on it (Martin S) but realized we wanted to get Debian up to version 7 and hit a grub related issue that's going to require a fresh base VM to be created or some special disk partition moving to accommodate grub2.

In the mean time, now would be a good time to clarify if we want to stick with Trac.

comment:12 by neteler, 10 years ago

Any news here? Thanks...

comment:13 by strk, 9 years ago

Hey people, somebody did the upgrade to 1.0.5, thank you ! (who are you, anonymous angel ?)

comment:14 by Jeff McKenna, 9 years ago

yes, this is being discussed on the SAC mailing list:

comment:15 by strk, 9 years ago

Cc: Martin.Spott@… added

comment:16 by strk, 9 years ago

should this ticket be closed ? Seems done to me...

comment:17 by strk, 9 years ago

Just for the record, currently running is 1.0.5 -- latest stable is 1.0.9

comment:18 by strk, 9 years ago

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