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SVN repository for UbuntuGIS

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I would like to know if it would be possible to get a SVN repository for the UbuntuGIS project. The goal of UbuntuGIS is to package and maintain the GIS softwares for Ubuntu. The SVN repository is for all the "debian" directories, which is used to build a deb package.

The repository should look like the debianGIS one:

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comment:1 by tmitchell, 15 years ago

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Reassigning to the Systems committee...

comment:2 by warmerdam, 15 years ago


Following the provided link, I'm left with the impression that complete copies of the packaged software is captured under source control - is that right? I'm concerned this will be quite a large SVN instance, and may stress osgeo1 ( in various painful ways.

comment:3 by aboudreault, 15 years ago

We'll only keep the "debian" directories. There will be no deb packages at all, and no source packages of the software neither. ie:

You can see that there is only a few files keep for the gdal package in trunk, and we tag that directory for each gdal version.

comment:4 by dmorissette, 15 years ago

It would be great for the credibility/visibility of the UbuntuGIS project to have SVN and Trac instances at OSGeo: since the project aims to provide Ubuntu packages for all OSGeo projects, being hosted at OSGeo is where it belongs. That could also help in attracting contributors.

However, if the project is not mature enough yet and that's a problem then we can always host SVN and Trac at, but in this case I think both OSGeo and UbuntuGIS are losing in shared credibility/visibility.

comment:5 by martin, 15 years ago

The 'real' (or however you would name it) DebianGis project managed to gain noticeable credibility without having their stuff hosted at OSGeo, so why would UbuntuGIS have to ? I'm uncertain if OSGeo's resources are well suited to not only host the underlying GIS projects but every individual distribution's branches as well.

The conclusion why to host the stuff at OSGeo feels a bit 'inconsistent' to me.

comment:6 by hobu, 15 years ago

I volunteer to implement this if someone will put forward the motion.

comment:7 by dmorissette, 15 years ago

Thanks for volunteering Howard. I'll take care of the motion.

I'll also try to address Martin's concerns since I don't want anyone to think we're abusing OSGeo's resources. We could have done this on anyway so you're right that we don't need OSGeo to host or to give credibility to UbuntuGIS... to me it's the contrary, UbuntuGIS is going to provide a service to the OSGeo community that I and others believe is important: up to date binary distributions... Frank already wrote about this goal of OSGeo in the wiki at

Alan tried to explain the objectives of UbuntuGIS and address the difference with the "real" DebianGIS and why we need both here:

Finally, on the size of the stuff hosted in SVN, Alan already explained in comment:3 that only the package definition files are stored in SVN, not the full source tree. For instance, the total size of the GDAL dir for a given Ubuntu distribution is about 150k.

comment:8 by dmorissette, 15 years ago

Owner: changed from sac@… to hobu

The motion has passed on the SAC list, so you can go ahead and setup the SVN and Trac when you have a chance Howard. Perhaps include myself and Alan (dmorissette, aboudreault) in the SVN group and we'll take care of adding more userids as needed. Thanks again for your help with this.

comment:9 by dmorissette, 15 years ago

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Closing. The motion has passed and the SVN/Trac are in place at and Thanks Howard!

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