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OSGeo 7 ldap ssh access

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I created an lxd container

outlined here:

That has Debian 10 installed, and LDAP SSH libs, and configured to connect with

I however have not been successful being able to log in with it using my ldap account.

I suspect it's something really simple I am missing.

The Ldapsearch stuff works fine. So does

getent passwd <someldapuser>

Usually when that works all is set.

The moved things around quite a bit in debian 10 for ldap, so it might be just a file config I am missing. Cause things I normally put in one file had to be in a different one.

This I was hoping would serve two purposes

1) Be a skeleton for setting up debina with ldap / ssh access 2) Eventually build a DMZ container that people would need to log into first to access the other containers.

I'm going to try next to build a debian 9 container instead and do the same to rule out just an issue with how they changed ssh/ldap in debian 10.

I had tried an ubuntu 18.04 earlier and didn't even get as far with it as I did with this debian10. Both have this extra systemd stuff which confuses me.

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comment:1 by robe, 5 years ago

update - I successfully configured a ldap ssh debian 9 container that I can ssh into using my ldap account. So I think it's just a step I missed in debian 10 cause the file paths changes. Setup detailed here -

the debian 9 container can be accessed by sac members using

ssh -p 50023

comment:2 by robe, 5 years ago

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download container was created from this image and has port 22 open

For old containers I don't plan to have ssh widely open and plan to force people to go thru the download osgeo container which requires ssh key.

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