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Ticket/Wiki vandalism on MapGuide trac

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Someone/something is spamming a whole bunch of junk tickets and wiki content on the MapGuide trac instance. (see activity of Jun 29, 2016)

I don't seem to have any ability to ban these users or lock down the trac instance in any way.

Please advise proper procedure/solution ASAP.

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comment:1 by strk, 8 years ago

Please have a read at

Then visit the admin panel and mark spam entries as such:

Please do the marking _before_ deleting the entries, so the bayes databas will have more data to use for next time.

Also keep a list of the spammer users so we can remove/block those accounts. Thanks.

comment:2 by jng, 8 years ago

I don't seem to have a spam filter panel on the admin ( displays "Unknown administration panel")

comment:3 by jng, 8 years ago

Here's a list of spam users I've grepped so far:


comment:4 by strk, 8 years ago

You should have the admin panel now. I have added you as SPAM_ADMIN. Please use with care. Thanks for the list. I'm doing bayes training too. Please check out the BadContent wiki page (see the wiki link) so we don't step on each other though...

And consider getting on #telascience IRC channel on freenode for live coordination

comment:5 by strk, 8 years ago

All the reported users have been removed. I've seen the BadContent page has been improved, and the bayes database is also much stronger now :)

comment:6 by jng, 8 years ago

It's been real interesting watching the timeline shrink and grow as the spammers/filters battle it out :)

Thanks for the swift responses.

comment:7 by strk, 8 years ago

ubuntugis is also being hit by some of the same smappers, want to take a look / help with BadContent ?

The timeline shrinked also due to SQL DELETE statements :)

comment:8 by jng, 8 years ago

I should actually be asleep now :) So before I sign off:

I don't think I'm admin on the Fusion trac instance. I think that instance could also be potentially vulnerable (that instance has no BadContent wiki page and I can't create wiki pages on that one)

Also some more spam users:


comment:9 by strk, 8 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

Those two users are also gone now, and timeline is all clean. Thanks for your time and for the help you might give to others in your same situation.

I will make you SPAM_ADMIN on the Fusion trac instance too. File a ticket if you still cannot create that page when you wake up.

in reply to:  5 comment:10 by neteler, 8 years ago

Replying to strk:

All the reported users have been removed. I've seen the BadContent page has been improved,

Could this improved BadContent page be propagated to the other trac instances?

comment:11 by strk, 8 years ago

I'd be afraid of overriding some good content found in others. But I guess a script could be made to pick all distinct lines from all BadContent pages. Want to file it as a ticket ?

comment:12 by jng, 8 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: closedreopened

More spam users to clean out


comment:13 by strk, 8 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: reopenedclosed

Users removed, spam cleaned. NOTE: only one of these 3 accounts were created yesterday, the other were idle for longer:

 amskiemee: 20160629143105Z
 john11: 20160430220803Z
 joyakn: 20160509180402Z

comment:14 by jng, 8 years ago

I see this junk ticket created by "Administrator":

Is this an actual OSGeo admin (you or someone else on the SAC?)

comment:15 by strk, 8 years ago

It's a spam user, idling since 2013 and with some mofifications from October 2015:

createTimestamp: 20130314092005Z
modifyTimestamp: 20151008045745Z

comment:16 by strk, 8 years ago

OSGeo user "administrator" deleted, and all its content on trac cleaned.

comment:17 by jng, 8 years ago

More spam accounts


comment:18 by strk, 8 years ago

Deleted, togheter with 'officalravi4', also spamming mapguide. Spam content from them all cleaned. I've also done some bayes training on mapguide - we now have lots of spam entries known, but no ham.

comment:19 by jng, 8 years ago

Nearly 2 weeks later, no spam activity since (yay!), but I did find some residual damage in some submitted tickets.

The spam accounts modified the summary fields of these tickets, is it possible to rollback these summary field changes?

comment:20 by strk, 8 years ago

It looks like my cleanup script was more destructive than intended. Records in "ticket_change" table include both old and new values on summary change, but the old value is replaced by the new value in teh "ticket" table.

So now the only way to find the original summary would be to find those values in some backup and bring it back. I'll look at improving the script to perform a better rollback.

comment:21 by strk, 8 years ago

I've manually reset the summary to the value those 4 tickets had as of June 4th, 2016. Let me know if you find more ruined tickets.

The script was updated to properly rollback these kind of changes.

comment:22 by jng, 8 years ago

Nope, that's the only ones I've encountered. Thanks.

comment:23 by jng, 8 years ago

Actually, I missed these 2 tickets that still had spam summaries.

That's definitely the last of them (manually searched "tech" and "support" just to check)

comment:24 by strk, 8 years ago

2405 and 2528 summary reverted to that of 2016-05-04

comment:25 by jng, 8 years ago

More spammers:


These spam users also made spam wiki content on this particular instance (osgeo) as well in addition to the MapGuide one. Check Aug 24 activity on the osgeo instance timeline

comment:26 by strk, 8 years ago

Both users were created on August 24, 2016:

jeshmin013: 20160824204613Z -- registered from
karan12: 20160824202750Z -- registered from

Another user created from that same IP is:

kolakola: 20160826013806Z

User 'kolakola' hasn't been found spamming yet.

I've removed users karan12 and jeshmin013, cleaned up trac spam submitted by them and trained the spam filter for the "osgeo" trac instance (not for others, please do!).

The "mantra" is obviously in the hands of spammers by now, so I changed it.

Please file a *new* ticket for future spam users reports.

comment:27 by strk, 8 years ago

For the record: I've found spam attempts by 'kolakola' against the osgeo trac instance (successfully blocked by the spam filter) and thus disabled the account.

Note: See TracTickets for help on using tickets.