MapGuide 4.0.0 Preview 4 Release Notes

MapGuide Open Source 4.0.0 Preview 4 is now available.


NOTE: We now only provide 64-bit builds for both Windows and Linux and SHA-1 checksums are provided for all binary artifacts listed

Windows InstallerDownload f66bcecdfdea1f83aaa625afa03df6b62fabb407
Windows InstantSetup bundleDownload 977afdbea3295e4913a5abbdb4bda6955c445087
Windows .pdb files Download 7023dca8a33814162490aa3ce7d75d68b2780e88
Ubuntu 22.04 installerDownload d7583c526d2b393754aefb28ef2a4a1f6c4cf26c
CentOS 7 installerDownload ae4e713b47a79c844475084fdb3451b5c5a566f8
Sheboygan Sample DataSheboygan.mgp 3d04772c6247ffb8557a9e8cca2ec470b88dc578

Changes since 4.0 Preview 3

  • New .net, Java and PHP bindings generated with the official version of SWIG
  • PHP 8.1 now bundled

Known Issues

  • When using the new .net bindings, proxy class resolution may fail (in MgClassMap.ResolveConstructor)
    • Workaround: This is most likely due to OSGeo.MapGuide.Geometry not loaded into the current AppDomain. Force eager loading of this assembly by new-ing a type that is present in this assembly in your startup code like so.

var csFactory = new MgCoordinateSystemFactory();

  • MVT tile rendering may still fail to render vector tiles at certain zoom levels on certain datasets (#2836)

FDO Notes

MGOS 4.0.0 Preview 4 is built against FDO trunk (rev 8186)

Due to unavailable build resources (the build maintainer does not have access to the ESRI SDK), this release does not include the ArcSDE FDO provider

FDO trunk (rev 8186) is near identical to FDO 4.1 in terms of functionality with the following changes:

  • Internal GDAL updated to 2.4.4
    • Internal copy of zlib updated to 1.2.12
  • Windows: Better swap-ability of internal GDAL dll with externally compiled one
    • OGR/GDAL/WMS providers changed to use GDAL/OGR C API surface to avoid potential ABI compatibility problems swapping with an externally compiled GDAL dll not compiled with the same MSVC compiler version we're using
    • Internal xalan/xerces dlls renamed with "fdo" suffix to avoid collisons with an externally compiled GDAL dll (that may bring its own copies of xalan/xerces dlls)
  • Better support and handling of empty geometries
  • Windows: Internal OpenSSL updated to 1.1.1k
  • Windows: Internal libcurl updated to 7.73
  • Fixed multiple memory leaks in GDAL provider
  • Restore support for Count(1) expression in MySQL Provider
  • Improved WFS services support for WFS FDO provider
  • Improved WFS/WMS schema support for layer names with trailing underscores
  • SQL Server Provider:
    • Now supports databases hosted on SQL Azure PaaS
    • Improve SRID sampling performance
  • MySQL Provider:
    • Support for the full suite of spatial operations for MySQL >= 5.6
    • Experimental support for MariaDB
    • Experimental support for MySQL 8.0
    • Improve SRID sampling query performance
  • PostGIS Provider:
    • Added support for PostgreSQL 12.0
    • No longer joins to pg_authid when listing tables/views
    • Support for curve strings and curve polygons
  • SHP Provider: Fix memory leaks in extended select implementation

The King Oracle provider is built against and now requires Oracle Instant Client 12cR2

Installer notes

You cannot use the windows installer to in-place upgrade an existing MapGuide Open Source 3.1.x or older installation. Only one MapGuide installation (via the Windows installer) can exist on any given machine. Use the InstantSetup bundle if side-by-side installs are required. Be sure to back up any data and applications before carrying out the new installation.

Before upgrading, it is recommended that you take a backup of your existing repository (whether that is through creating MGP packages with the MapGuide Site Administrator or using the provided repository backup tools/scripts)

Extra Files

Due to size constraints, the binary packages for this release of MapGuide omit the following CS-Map data files:

  • USA:
    • NSRS 2007/2011 datum shift files
    • 1996/1999/2003 Geoid height data files
  • Australia:
    • GDA 2020 datum shift files

These extra files are available for download as a separate 7-zip archive:

To install these files, extract the contents into your Dictionaries folder of your CS-Map installation. On Windows, this would normally be:

  • C:\Program Files\OSGeo\MapGuide\CS-Map\Dictionaries

Restart your MapGuide Server after extracting the files.

Unless you work with data in one or more coordinate systems that involves one of the above datums, you do not need these files.

Windows Compatibility

Windows 11Yes
Windows 10Yes
Windows VistaMaybe+
Windows 7Yes
Windows Server 2008Yes+
Windows Server 2008 R2Yes
Windows 8Yes1
Windows Server 2012Yes1
Windows Server 2016Yes
Windows 8.1Maybe1

Please report any issues you find.

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