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The twelth meeting of the MapGuide PSC will take place Thursday Septermber 6th at 18:00 UTC (1:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM MT / 10:00 AM PT).

Meeting Chair: Bob Bray

Universal Time:

Location: The meeting will be held on IRC at #mapguide


  • Open


  • PSC will meet face-2-face at FOSS4G, Bob to create an Agenda page.
  • Roadmap to be updated for 2.0, target Alpha for end of Oct.


        <rbray>	Bruce will be absent today he is on vacation. Tom will most likely be late
	-->|	danmo ( has joined #mapguide
	<jasonbirch>	I'm here.
	<jasonbirch>	Fire alarm - test only :)
	<rbray>	Hey looks like you and me.
	<jasonbirch>	HarisK you around?
	<Andy_Morsell>	I'm here as well
	* danmo	lurking
	<HarisK>	Hi
	<jasonbirch>	That's enough for a vote :)
	<rbray>	OK, so we have Harris, Jason, Andy, and myself. Bruce is on vacation, Tom is in a meeting.
	<jasonbirch>	As is Paul
	<rbray>	No he will be late too.
	<rbray>	Any agenda items? I did not have any for today.
	<madair>	lurking for Paul
	<jasonbirch>	Maybe talk a bit about roadmap, putting more realistic dates to it
	<jasonbirch>	Also, f2f at FOSS4g?
	<rbray>	Let's start with the later. Who will be as FOSS4G?
	<Andy_Morsell>	I will be there. Sunday night through Thursday afternoon.
	<jasonbirch>	Me!
	<rbray>	I will be there everyday except Wednesday (don't ask).
	<rbray>	I have to check with Tom and Bruce, I think Bruce can be there but I bet Tom cannot.
	<rbray>	Nathalie has planned a BOF and given most of us are there a F2F meeting of the PSC would be good.
	<rbray>	We should start a wiki page agenda for that soon.
	<jasonbirch>	After?
	<jasonbirch>	At a pub?
	<jasonbirch>	:)
	<rbray>	Definitely.
	<rbray>	I'll buy!
	<HarisK>	I am there at saturday
	<jasonbirch>	I'll _really_ be there then. :)
	<rbray>	Jason when you say after, do you mean one evening or Thursday evening?
	<Andy_Morsell>	I could do that Monday night, my girlfriend arrives on Tuesday so will be with her that evening. Weds is the banquet night.
	<rbray>	I kind of like Monday night.
	<jasonbirch>	Isn't there a mixer at the Strathcona that night?
	<jasonbirch>	Not that it really matters...
	<jasonbirch>	Monday works OK for me.
	<rbray>	OK. I will start an agenda page on the wiki.
	<jasonbirch>	Cool.
	<rbray>	Feel free to add to it once it is up.
	<jasonbirch>	I'm sure we'll be talking about the REST stuff by then :)
	<rbray>	hope so.
	<rbray>	Let's talk Roadmap.
	<Andy_Morsell>	I see that the BOF for MGOS is Tues from 4:45 to 7:00
	<jasonbirch>	K.
	<jasonbirch>	That's right.
	<rbray>	Yes the BOF is Tuesday night, and I will miss it. I have to be on a plane.
	<Andy_Morsell>	Nothing like being double-booked..... bummer.
	<rbray>	Yea
	<jasonbirch>	That's OK, Nathalie can do all the talking :)
	<rbray>	So when can we realistically release a 2.0 beta 1?
	<rbray>	And what will be in it, besides Fusion?
	<rbray>	I personally still like late October.
	<rbray>	I know we can have the ISAPI and the Apache mod in by then.
	<rbray>	And Fusion should be code complete.
	<pagameba>	hi all
	<rbray>	Hey Paul.
	<jasonbirch>	Cool. Maybe an alpha? :)
	<jasonbirch>	It would be nice to get automated builds running. Maybe I'll bug Mat again at the conference and see if his head is still exploding.
	<rbray>	Paul: We decided to have a F2F at FOSS on Monday night (I am buying).
	<pagameba>	Hi Bob
	<pagameba>	F2F?
	<jasonbirch>	face to face :)
	<pagameba>	ah
	* pagameba	catches up
	<Andy_Morsell>	Don't all of the current RFC's (including the FastCGI one) target 1.3? Those should be updated if there's not going to be another point release.
	<jasonbirch>	Yes...
	<rbray>	Yes, we'll do that.
	<jasonbirch>	Last meeting I think we decided on 2.0 instead of 1.3
	<rbray>	Yep
	<jasonbirch>	I'm guessing that none of the defects (including those applied to 1.2) are critical enough for a 1.2.1?
	<rbray>	I like the alpha idea. Especially with all the new stuff.
	<HarisK>	Is ISAPi extension and Apache mod already in progress ?
	<jasonbirch>	Yes.
	<jasonbirch>	What' you're not subscribed to the commits list? :)
	<rbray>	We may need a 1.2.1 if we get some high priority bugs.
	<HarisK>	I missed that, I would check it
	<rbray>	But i would like to reserve judgement on 1.2.1 until a reason comes up.
	<jasonbirch>	HarisK:
	<jasonbirch>	Also for fdo
	<jasonbirch>	in
	<HarisK>	was there rfc about ISAPI extension ?
	<pagameba>	?
	<pagameba>	HarisK, you voted +1 :)
	<jasonbirch>	rbray: OK. I saw a note on the users list from a person that couldn't deploy 1.2 because of an outstanding defect.
	<jasonbirch>	lol
	<HarisK>	yes, sorry I forgot about that
	<rbray>	I did not see that e-mail. Guess we should think about a 1.2.1 then.
	<HarisK>	It looks like I developed second extension :)
	* pagameba	wonders if we should update the status of some RFCs, or add another column to indicate if it was implemented and in which version
	<rbray>	HarisK: Can we merge them?
	<jasonbirch>	That would be cool...
	<jasonbirch>	to both pagameba and rbray
	<HarisK>	I need to look how is implemented
	<HarisK>	I would certainly like to
	<rbray>	Paul: Sounds like you have volunteered to update the RFC page :)
	<pagameba>	argh
	<HarisK>	so it is in svn now ?
	<rbray>	Yes I believe so.
	<HarisK>	thanks, sorry for interuptions
	<jasonbirch>	doh:
	<jasonbirch>	Huh. Wonder if we could get that REST stuff into 2.0 :)
	<rbray>	Depends when it will be done and when we want to release.
	<HarisK>	I now remebber looking into this code
	<HarisK>	basically what I diid supoprts all of that + http-live connection + working threads pool + json
	<HarisK>	anyhow, it is compatible
	<jasonbirch>	Are you sure that live connections is a good idea?
	<CIA-25>	MapGuide: stevedang * r1974 /trunk/MgDev/Oem/dbxml-2.3.10/ (15063 files in 887 dirs):
	<CIA-25>	MapGuide: MapGuide RFC 23: Berkeley DB XML 2.3 Upgrade.
	<CIA-25>	MapGuide: - Check in source code.
	<rbray>	yes the DBXML upgrade is also part of 2.0.
	<jasonbirch>	I'm thinking about scale rather than individual user responsiveness.
	<jasonbirch>	Heh :)
	<jasonbirch>	CIA knows when to pipe up :)
	* pagameba	has updated
	<pagameba>	RFC 20 is out of date
	<jasonbirch>	IS Rfc20 dead in the water because of the requirement to re-associate a session with a different user?
	<rbray>	Not sure. I'll have to check on it here.
	<rbray>	This is also in:
	<pagameba>	I like the concept but embedding the user id in the session won't work
	<jasonbirch>	No
	<jasonbirch>	You need a way of polling the session for its userid.
	<rbray>	Assuming 26 gets approved.
	<jasonbirch>	Didn't we vote on that already?
	<rbray>	If so the page is out of date.
	<pagameba>	Bob asked earlier if there was a target date for 2.0?
	<jasonbirch>	Yes he did
	<pagameba>	I think mid/end October for a alpha/beta would be good
	<pagameba>	but I don't know what we can complete by then
	<pagameba>	by we, I mean ADSK :)
	<rbray>	I am leaning toward Alpha at the end of Oct.
	<jasonbirch>	I dropped the ball on 26; I started the motion but did not say it passed or update the page.
	<rbray>	I'll talk to Trevor about RFC 20. It is interesting.
	<rbray>	And the outlined approach is not good.
	<rbray>	So Harris, when do you think the REST stuff might be completed?
	<HarisK>	whatever I will say I will lie
	<rbray>	Ha
	<HarisK>	my plans are for end of year
	<HarisK>	that will included FDO Rest as well
	<rbray>	OK, then maybe that is a 2.1 feature unless it magically gets done before the first RC
	<pagameba>	HarisK: have you looked at FeatureServer?
	<rbray>	FDO rest?
	<HarisK>	yes but not very much ( python )
	<HarisK>	yes I have protoype of FDO rest also
	<jasonbirch>	FeatureServer follows a great model.
	<rbray>	Yes. Wouldnt that be exposign FeatureService and hence FDO, but through MG?
	<jasonbirch>	I've been meaning to help Crschmidt hack FDO support into it.
	<pagameba>	if you do FDO rest along the same lines then the same clients can use it
	<HarisK>	I kind of like to put fdo web service on it own
	<jasonbirch>	Might get together at foss4g.
	<rbray>	Then you lose some stuff, like connection pooling, and other things MG adds.
	<rbray>	Joins.
	<HarisK>	idea is to have also fdo rest fdo provider :)
	<rbray>	Extended expression support, and more.
	<HarisK>	yes, my opinion is that part should go from mapGuide
	<HarisK>	to FDO middle tier
	<rbray>	I guess I am confused. We need a whiteboard.
	<HarisK>	so any client can benefit from things like FDO caching
	<jasonbirch>	Oh, move FeatureService outside of MapGuide...
	<HarisK>	caching , logging, spatial security to FDO middle tier
	<rbray>	Hmm, Feature Service depends on Resource Servive.
	<rbray>	HarisK: MG does a bunch of that. Why pull it out?
	<rbray>	Why not extend what is there?
	<jasonbirch>	So you don't have to install MapGuide to expose your features.
	<jasonbirch>	Oops :)
	<HarisK>	sorry my caps lock
	<HarisK>	what I mean is that fdo can be used with other applications as well
	<HarisK>	and have caching, joins, secutiy...
	<rbray>	Difference of opinion here I think. You can use Feature Service without using any other features of MG
	<HarisK>	I suppose for example that Autodesk MAp and Mapguide both imlements it's own fdo connecton caching
	<rbray>	And you get the benefits of pooling, joins, etc.
	<rbray>	While reusing the server infrastructure.
	<jasonbirch>	I'm not sure that I would want an entire MapGuide install on my feature serving servers...
	<rbray>	This sounds like a good discussion for the F2F. I am not against it, jus trying to understand.
	<HarisK>	I see FDO as spatial data service and MapGuide as stylization service
	<jasonbirch>	Ohhh. GIS service too HarisK
	<rbray>	OK, I see things differently.
	<rbray>	For me, MapGuide is a geospatial server that exposes a number of different services.
	<HarisK>	this are just my preliminary thoughts, lot of work to be done to get some protoypes and feeling how it works
	<rbray>	including spatial data, stylization, and content management.
	<rbray>	Let's continue this at the F2F.
	<jasonbirch>	Sounds good...
	<HarisK>	ok
	<rbray>	I'll try and get the Roadmap page in Trac updated.
	<rbray>	Other topics for today?
	<rbray>	Silence, means we are done. When should we meet again? At FOSS?
	<jasonbirch>	Not from me. I would like to ensure that we can meet like this on a regular basis though... if only to talk.
	<jasonbirch>	Yes, FOSS next.
	<rbray>	ok, let's adjourn then.
	<rbray>	Thanks everyone!
	<HarisK>	thanks
        <jasonbirch>	bye!
	<HarisK>	bye
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