Extending the GDAL Provider with plugins

Copied from initial email by Jason Birch describing how to add plugins to the GDAL provider.

The version of GDAL 1.6 bundled with FDO 3.4 (MapGuide 2.1) can be extended with any standard gdal plugin.

For my needs I was able to download all of the files that I wanted from the wonderful OSGeo4W project (

I've repackaged these into a zip file that contains all of the support files you'll need EXCEPT FOR the vendor libraries. You should be able to figure out where the files go from the zipfile structure:

I don't feel comfortable distributing the MrSID or ECW redistributable files because of their proprietary licenses and EULAs, so you'll have to download these DLLs yourself and place them in the FDO directory. Instructions for obtaining these follow.

MrSID Support DLLs:

  • lti_dsdk_cdll.dll
  • lti_dsdk_dll.dll

These files can be extracted from the OSGeo4W MrSID plugin located here:

ECW Support DLLS (not sure if all of these are required for read-only):

  • NCScnet.dll
  • NCSEcw.dll
  • NCSEcwC.dll
  • NCSUtil.dll

These files can be downloaded from the ECW SDK; instructions on obtaining this are available on the OSGeo4W package page:

If you don't feel comfortable using my re-bundle of the OSGeo4W packages, you can grab the individual plugins and their dependencies here:







Hope this helps; if someone has time to update the raster notes with this information it would be appreciated...

BTW, I haven't tested this, but adventurous folks might be interested that GDAL 1.6 supports Oracle Raster, and this plugin may do the trick:

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