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coordinate system selector has no built in systems

Reported by: stevetech99 Owned by: ksgeograf
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When I create a new map I am unable to give it a co-ordinate system, despite the screenshots showing more that an arbitary x-y system being avaliable. My copy of maestro shows version 1.0.3 despite being installed from the 1.0.6 msi file. Is this a future enhancement or is there a problem with the latest build?

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comment:1 by ksgeograf, 15 years ago

I belive the problem is not with Maestro, but with MapGuide Open Source. Can you try to go to this URL: http://localhost/mapguide/mapagent/csenumeratecategoriesform.html

When you click submit, you should see the avalible categories. If not, I'm guessing the file "categories.txt" is in the wrong place (it apparently has to be in multiple places). I have a bug report for that here:

I don't know how, but after placing the files at various places, it suddenly showed up in the list.

As for the version number, the two numbers are not in sync. I have fixed that for the next version.

Please let me know the results of the above test.

comment:2 by stevetech99, 15 years ago

I tried the link as requested and got this back.


<Item>Arbitrary X-Y Coordinate Systems</Item> </StringCollection>

I assume this means I need to copy my categories.txt to a differnet location. Any idea where I should start


comment:3 by stevetech99, 15 years ago

Just moved the file to the nad directory and got this back


<Item>Arbitrary X-Y Coordinate Systems</Item> <Item>EPSG</Item> <Item>World/Continental</Item> </StringCollection>

is this correct ore should there be more?


comment:4 by ksgeograf, 15 years ago

That is what I have on my machine. I'm not an expert on PROJ.4, so it might be possible to create new categories. You can ask on the MapGuide Users maillist.

Do you have the categories in the list in Maestro now?

comment:5 by stevetech99, 15 years ago

I can get most of them on the dropdown list and the rest by entering the ESPG code.

Thanks for the help, now we just need some user guides :-)


comment:6 by ksgeograf, 15 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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Yes, guides are much needed. Unfortunately my time is limited, so I try to add features and fix bugs, rather than document.

I'm hoping for a bit volunteer work on the user guides :), as I have quite a lot to do in the programming department.

comment:7 by jbirch, 15 years ago

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