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Prototype should be able to generate configuration file for based on example.

Please contact Hamish before getting started with the GUI front-end or before significant changes to back-end (as primary maintainer of that code).

Similar tools: QGIS Print composer, ArcGIS Layout mode, gvSig (see also workshop)

WxGUI Cartographic Composer

WxGUI Cartographic Composer (formerly called Hardcopy Map Output Utility) is available in GRASS 6.4.2+.

Prototype 1 (ready)

  • Configuration dialog (paper format, map scale)
  • Implement the raster, colortable, vlines, vpoints, vareas,vlegend, scalebar, text, mapinfo instructions
  • Interactive placement of the features
  • Draft mode (lower raster region resolution)
  • Draft/Preview mode
  • Create PS output using
  • EPS output option
  • If the ps2pdf program is installed offer a PDF output option
  • Generate configuration text file
  • Read configuration files

Known Issues

  • map scale for ll projections (map window)

To be implemented

  • Implement other instructions (grid, geogrid, eps, rectangle, line, point, rgb, region, ...)
  • Add north arrow (eps instruction)
  • wxGUI integration (load maps from current map display - problem is that supports only 1 raster map)
  • GUI preferences
  • If pstoimg program is installed offer a PNG output option (latex2html linux package; uses ghostscript. Imagemagick's convert does not do as nice a job AFAICT. Alt to try: Inkscape can do non-interactive conversions from the commandline.)
  • Snap to grid
  • Alignment of map elements (expected problem: inaccurate size of map elements)
  • latex support (ps2eps, it would add more possibilities for text customizing and solve the encoding problem)
  • As a parallel task, nice features from ps.output should be ported to (contact HB)

Open Tickets

No results bugs and inconsistencies

  • file must be in Latin 1 encoding (missing certain accented characters - #1349)
  • mapinfo position (it aligns to the left side of map frame - #1333) and color (background color is not visible outside the map frame)
  • color should support RGB for all instructions (e.g. #192)
  • common usage of ref points and units (absolute, relative)
    • The trouble is, percentage is given relative to the map box (which is sized and placed dynamically at run-time), while absolute is given relative to the page size. Although it may seem like it to the end user, the existing usage is not due to the programmer's whim, it is out of necessity. Note that to place relative decorations out-of-box, it is valid to go beyond 0-100% (e.g. -25%, 115%).
    • The GUI has to do these calculations and feed what it wants in the form it wants. IMO it is not practical to have the python code mirror the C code's placement logic (a lot of work to mimic, then a lot of discipline to keep in sync). This may take a two-pass solution, e.g. a new flag which would output map box corners in inches and then exit. The GUI could then do the needed conversions between %, PostScript points(?), inches, cm, mm, or map coords. See wish #153.

Open Tickets

#153 support for placement by % for decorations
#192 geogrid RGB color and ellipsoid
#250 connected lines for region instruction box
#342 vpoints support for rgbcolumn as primary/secondary color
#487 legend
#874 submeter grid sizes
#876 rfe: new instruction to flood fill background color
Transparent background on geogrid labels in psmap
#901 - comment command applies last location/font to all previous comments
Include support for kilometres / metres (re) as unit options, alongside of kilometers/meters (er)
#1333 mapinfo aligns horizontally to map
#1350 mapinfo - show scale only
#1356 vlines cwidth subcommand - can't choose other column than cat
#1453 various enhancements
#1688 adding negative scale and offset to vpoints plotting -- patch provided
Raster "title" longer than 100 characters segfaults -- Request to extend the field's capacity.
#1907 does not respect the drawing order of objects
Add line style option to vareas
#2948 output to stdout
Cartographic composer: scale and rotation options do not work for north arrow
#3907 vlegend throws error

Note on Jachym's GUI for

  • What happened to the wiki page content describing Jachym's existing GUI-frontend python prototype? check old versions of the main wxGUI wiki page.
    • Jachym's prototype is not available at least for one year, so the info has been removed from wiki page...
      • HB: Well, we could always ask him.. and I think I've got a copy of it sitting somewhere in a dusty corner as well. Let me know if you want me to look for it.
        • ML: AFAIR this prototype has been very initial and Anna's work is much more robust at this time
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