A short summary of LTS changes: New features in GRASS 7.2 (note: current is New features in GRASS 7.4)


Stable Release

Release Candidate 1 (RC1)

SVN Source Code

  • Milestone: 7.2.3
  • SVN Checkout latest 7.2 release branch (including yet unpublished bugfixes):
      svn checkout

Overview of changes

This is a bug fix release. A series of stability fixes, manual improvements, and a few language translations have been added.

The GRASS GIS 7.2.3 release provides more than 230 fixes and improvements with respect to the stable release 7.2.2.

Minor module changes

(see also below for closed bugs)

Library changes

  • use GEOS C API (#3421). Credits to Bas Couwenberg
  • diglib: fix bug caused by compiler optimizations
  • iostreamlib: fix memory manager
  • pythonlib: add addon bin dir to path on all platforms
  • rasterlib: Eliminate RPC/XDR dependency from raster library

Portability changes

  • fix startup on MS Windows when username contains non-ascii characters, #3508

Improvements in the Graphical User Interface

  • G72:wxGUI: fix WMS service in latlong locations

User Manuals - Documentation

  • Various manual pages: new screenshots added, thanks to Google Code-in
  • Added missing height HTML tags according to submitting rules (needed for wxGIU html browser)

Message Translations


New Addons since GRASS 7.2.2

Closed tickets

Closed bugs since the last release

#2370 fails while processing keyword list
r.out.,gdal -c should not write Metadata: COLOR_TABLE_RULE_RGB
v.external: mixed up IDs from PostGIS tables
#3322 h-flag has no effect
Followup to area calculation fix in changeset 71169
Legacy appstream metadata
GEOS C API usage
grass start up: buggy to_text_string

Closed wishes since the last release

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