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Release Candidate 2 (RC2)

Release Candidate 1 (RC1)

SVN Source Code

  • Milestone: 7.2.1
  • SVN Checkout latest 7.2 release branch (including yet unpublished bugfixes):
      svn checkout

Overview of changes

A series of stability fixes, manual improvements and a few language translations have been added.

The GRASS GIS 7.2.1 release provides more than 150 fixes and improvements with respect to GRASS GIS 7.2.0.

New modules

  • None

Major module changes

  • None

Minor module changes

GUI changes

  • wxGUI: 'Align computation region to selected map' add to the layer menu
  • wxGUI: do not re-render whole map composition when show/hide comp. region extent
  • wxGUI/location wizard simplification: decrease number of dialogues shown by default

PyGRASS changes

  • use lazy imports for the temporal package
  • Python 2.6 does not support omitting of positional argument specifiers: Fixes ValueError zero length field name in format

Library changes

  • vectorlib: enhance numerical stability for segment intersections
  • vectorlib, network analysis: initialize output, fix shortcut, prune path
  • OGR dbdriver: support OFTInteger64

Map projection changes

  • None

Portability changes

  • None
MS Windows
  • Force encoding to be EUC-KR for the Korean language in Windows

Manual pages

  • fix description of option use=dir to not limit it to flow, add better example with picture to manual
  • r.import/v.import manual: explain -o projection override flag
  • rasterintro manual: explain optional NULL compression
  • doc: include all modules into graphical index
  • broken links to source code and history in add-ons user manuals (see #3224)


  • doc/grass_database.png, doc/grass_database.svg: add (spatio-)temporal (dataset) as another data type in database

Message translation updates

  • Czech translation (libs): add missing plural forms
  • i18N: Sylvain Maillard French cont'ed

New Addons

New addons since release 7.2.0 (see here for new addons since 7.0.0):

Closed tickets

Closed bugs since the last release

Error when clicking 'Set Font' dialog in wxGUI settings
v.out.postgis doesn't export attribute table
r.stats.quantile: hardcoded max number of categries in base map
d.legend title fails with UnicodeEncodeError
r.texture: bug when non continuous series of values
broken links to source code and history in add-ons user manuals
Patch to fix spelling errors
Fix hicolor icon name.
#3236 mixes areas and other geometries resulting in a wrong region
v.external 'Unable to open data source'
v.what.rast: segfault with map without topology
v.krige fails to start due to missing core module
Do not require ctypes for compilation in temporal modules
v.external.out: SRID lost when not exactly defined
digitizer - moving a vertex doesn't work
Link broken in r3.gwflow manual page for grass7.2
v.out.ogr: Append mode broken in G 7.2.1svn and 7.3
Mac wxGui : Map Layer resizing unable -
i.zc: threshold parameter not correctly taken into account
Zoom to selected feature not working when cat is not the first column
r.mapcalc: nmedian() unexpected results
Query vector maps gives error
Mismatch between CLI and GUI for r.colors using external rules file
t.list: only relative time strds reported when using output option
Patch to fix spelling errors
v.import/ - GUI regression in import from a SQLITE/SPATIALITE db
d.legend.vect - symbols missing
t.rast.what: minor issue in message

Closed wishes since the last release

Make d.barscale look the same on different display sizes
r.fillnulls: support other interpolation methods
g.extension: provide option to use local source code instead of SVN
WorldView2 relative spectral response data for i.atcorr
Grass7: improve font selection dialog in GUI option for map display
Implementing SLIC image segmentation
r.modis.import: add -l flag to list info about supported products

Closed tasks since the last release

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