PostGIS topological editing

Goal: Implement PostGIS geometry (simple features and topological) editing functionality in GRASS GIS (wxGUI digitizer and v.edit module) using GRASS-PostGIS data provider.

See also GRASS-OGR data provider and wxGUI vector digitizer roadmap.

See also user-oriented page at GRASS User Wiki.


  1. Attribute table (write) access for OGR-linked vectors (direct or linked by v.external) (implemented in r47225)
  2. Improve OGR interface write access (in progress) - see OGR Interface (see r50670)
  3. Implement PostgreSQL driver to read PostGIS geometry directly (without using OGR library) - see grass/trunk/lib/vector/Vlib/read_pg.c
  4. Extend PostgreSQL driver to write PostGIS geometry directly (without using OGR library) - see grass/trunk/lib/vector/Vlib/write_pg.c
  5. Implement PostGIS-based topology management in PostgreSQL driver
  6. Implement GRASS-based topology management in PostgreSQL driver
  7. Add more...

Topology models in GRASS and PostGIS

Topological elements in GRASS (see API manual):

  • Nodes
  • Lines (lines, boundaries, centroids)
  • Areas
  • Isles

Topological elements in PostGIS (see PostGIS's wiki):

  • Nodes
  • Edges
  • Faces


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