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items selected on drop-down controls not inserted into GRASS command

Reported by: cmbarton Owned by: grass-dev@…
Priority: normal Milestone: 7.6.2
Component: wxGUI Version: svn-releasebranch76
Keywords: wxGUI control Cc:
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In a number of modules, when you select something from a drop down control with a mouse, it shows up in the control text box, but does not get inserted into the actual GRASS command. For the command to work, you have to either type the name of the item into the control or paste the text of the name of the item into the control (the latter is made more difficult because many controls do not recognize key shortcuts like cmd-x, cmd-c, and cmd-v at least on the Mac).

Here are some examples where this is a problem:

  • selecting image subgroup in multiple image processing modules (i.*)
  • selecting location and mapset for r.proj and v.proj

I'm hoping this is a generic problem with the control rather than having to find it in every module. I don't know if this is Mac specific or not, but suspect not. It's been a problem for some time and affects later GRASS versions too.

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comment:1 by nila, 4 years ago

I can confirm this is still an issue for macOS on master (7.9) and I have been wrestling with this for some quite some time with GRASS7 (can't remember exactly). It seems to me be a binding issue (maybe for mac only?).

This is basically the same description for the issue as cmbarton, sorry 'bout that, but this is how I would describe it:

Clicking and selecting with the popup menu for Location it inserts the selected location. But doesn't trigger selection updated method. Editing the text field manually after selection (e.g. deleting the last letter and rewrite it or inserting a space and delete it – well, you get the picture) do trigger the update selection method and you can proceed. The same procedure must be repeated with mapset. Finally, for some reason, selecting the map with the popup menu works as intended.

I'm pretty new to the GRASS code base, I couldn't even find where to look into this issue. Any suggestion?

comment:2 by nila, 4 years ago

This issue is a duplicate of #3502 (where the cause of the problem is described) and may be closed.

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