1.2 Release Notes

Supported Browsers

GeoPrisma has been tested and fully supports the following browsers :

  • Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9
  • Firefox 3.6+

Other browsers were not tested so can't be qualified as fully supported.

Supported JavaScript Libraries

The following libraries (version) are packaged with GeoPrisma 1.2 :

  • OpenLayers (2.11)
  • Proj4js (1.0.1)
  • MapFish (trunk, revision 3862)
  • GeoExt (trunk, revision 2865)
  • GeoExt-ux (trunk, revision 2865)
  • GeoExt-ux-AttributeFilterPanel (trunk, revision 2865)
  • GeoExt-ux-FeatureEditing (trunk, revision 2865)
  • GeoExt-ux-LayerManager (trunk, revision 2865)
  • GeoExt-ux-LayerTreeBuilder (trunk, revision 2865)
  • GeoExt-ux-ShortcutCombo (trunk, revision 2865)
  • GeoExt-ux-Styler (trunk, revision 2865)
  • GeoExt-ux-WFSTFeatureEditing (trunk, revision 2865)
  • GeoExt-ux-ZoomTo (trunk, revision 2865)

The following libraries (version) were tested with GeoPrisma 1.2 :

  • ExtJS (3.4.0)


The following softwares can be safely used with this release of GeoPrisma as its services :

Tile providers

The following tile providers are supported by this release of GeoPrisma as "gymo" services :

  • GoogleMaps (3.5+ only, see Migration Guide)
  • YahooMaps (3.0+)
  • OpenStreetMaps


Widgets that are new or received big or important updates have a notice in parenthesis.


  • api (new, see Migration Guide)
  • applyfilter (new)
  • featurepanel_selector
  • geoextprintform
  • geoexttoolbar
  • geoextux_layertreebuilder
  • geoextux_redliningpanel
  • geoextux_shortcutcombo
  • geoextux_zoomto
  • getmouseposition
  • htwindow
  • initialview (updated, see Migration Guide)
  • layer
  • mappanel (updated)
  • measuretool (updated, see Migration Guide)
  • mouseposition
  • querybyrect
  • queryonclick
  • queryonclickwizard
  • resultextgrid
  • resultvectorlayer
  • scale
  • shortcut
  • toggle
  • unselectall
  • vectorlayer
  • zoomslider


  • attributefilterpanel
  • editfeature_confirm
  • editfeature_copy
  • editfeature_create
  • editfeature_delete
  • editfeature_drag
  • editfeature_update
  • editfeature_split
  • filetreepanel
  • featurepanel_customform
  • featurepanel_attributeform
  • featurepanel_form
  • geoextux_printpreview
  • geoextux_wmsbrowser
  • geoextux_geonamessearchcombo
  • keepactivesession
  • pdfprint
  • templatepopup
  • wfsfilterbuilder
  • wmslayeradder


  • map
  • mapfishlayertree
  • mapfishrecenter

Migration Guide : GeoPrisma 1.0 to 1.2

API widget

The API is a new widget that was added (#389). It is automatically added to the UI and doesn't need to be defined in the configuration file. However, it must still be included in the .xslt template file, so it is mandatory that you do so for your template files otherwise you'll receive an error from the xslt processor.


GoogleMaps v2 is no longer supported in 1.2 (#176). You must change all source tags in your gymo services that have the google provider to point to a v3 url instead.


The InitialView widget was changed in 1.2. Make sure you take a look at its new documentation. See the changes details in the ticket #399.


The MeasureTool widget was changed in 1.2 (#292). Make sure you take a look at its new documentation. In brief :

  • From now on, you only need to define one MeasureTool widget because it includes both area and length measurements
  • 'measuretype' option removed because it's no longer used
  • 'tohectare' option rename to 'hectare' and doesn't replace the measure, it adds it.
  • all OpenLayers styling options were removed.

Other Notes


If you're using the ApplyFilter widget, make sure its container has the "animCollapse" property set to false. For an example, see the samples.xslt template file used by the samples.

XMLWorkspaceConfig widgets tag

The XMLWorkspaceConfig driver can now defines a list of unbound widgets using the new widgets tag. To know the possible widget types that can be used use in that new config, see the ticket #393.


See HISTORY.TXT for a complete detail for of each release for the 1.2 branch.

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