ISO19110 support

Date 2009/07/28
Contact(s) Francois, Mathieu.
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Status Motion passed
Assigned to release 2.5.0
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Add iso19110 support in GeoNetwork.

Proposal Type

  • Type: Standard support
  • App: GeoNetwork
  • Module: Editor, Schema

Voting History

  • Vote proposed by Francois :
    • +1 Simon
    • +1 Emmanuel
    • +1 Jeroen
    • +1 Francois


The current configuration is to support feature catalogue description in GeoNetwork metadata editor/viewer.

Feature catalogue is described using ISO 19110 standard. It allows the description of :

  • Feature types
  • Feature attributes
  • list of values

Support for association and feature operation elements is partly supported.

One template is avaialable by default for ISO 19110 feature catalogue description. If the catalogue administrator does not want editor to use this standard, the template could be removed. A import stylesheet is available to import a WFS DescribeFeatureType? document and create an ISO19110 record.

As other standard, feature catalogue are also returned in CSW query engine. Filtering on the schema parameter allows exclusion of these record when needed.

Linking an iso19139 metadata record and a feature catalogue will be proposed in another proposal to improve metadata relationship (including parent/child, service/datasets metadata relation).

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  • Francois
  • Mathieu
  • Supported by BRGM - GéoSource? sandbox
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