Make GeoNetwork INSPIRE ready

Following INSPIRE requirements defined in the Directive and IR, some of these requirements are already available in GeoNetwork, some others need improvements.

I tried to list main requirements, feel free to add missing ones

Metadata for datasets and services

"Member States shall establish and operate a network of the following services for the spatial data sets and services for which metadata have been created in accordance with this Directive."

INSPIRE Spatial Data Theme

Spatial data theme correspond to INSPIRE Directive annexe I, II and III. Those themes have been added to the GEMET thesaurus managed by EEA and can be found at

Search criteria

the Discovery service shall implemented as a minimum the following combination of search criteria: 
(a) keywords; 
(b) classification of spatial data and services; 
(c) the quality and validity of spatial data sets; 
(d) degree of conformity with the implementing rules provided for in Article 7(1); 
(e) geographical location; 
(f) conditions applying to the access to and use of spatial data sets and services; 
(g) the public authorities responsible for the establishment, management, maintenance and distribution of spatial data sets and services.”

Search field should be added to AdditionalQueryable section of CSW services :

Name Missing Must be modified Comments
Degree Yes - add Degree to lucene index
SpecificationTitle Yes - add SpecificationTitle to lucene index
SpecificationDate Yes - add SpecificationDate to lucene index
SpecificationDateType Yes - add SpecificationDateType to lucene index
AccessConstraints Yes - add AccessConstraints to lucene index
OtherConstraints Yes - add OtherConstraints to lucene index
!Classification Yes - add Classification to lucene index
ConditionApplyingToAccessAndUse Yes - add ConditionApplyingToAccessAndUse to lucene index
MetadataPointOfContact Yes - it shall include an email contact??
Lineage Yes - add Lineage to lucene index


the use of multi-lingual thesauri in the context of interoperability of spatial datasets and services
  • GeoNetwork trunk : Multilingual editing is available and you could also import multilingual Thesaurus


Validation rules made for GéoSource? project.

Editing : conformity regarding specification (on-going)

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