Bolsena 2013 - draft agenda

For the 6th time, the Bolsena OSGeo Hacking Event is taking place. This page lists some ideas that can be discussed within the GeoNetwork faction.

Please add any idea you have here !

  1. Code Sprint Proposals
  2. Presentations
  3. Progress reports
  4. Where we Are
  5. TODO This week
  6. Future Direction

Code Sprint Proposals

This section contains ideas for development projects we can work on during the code spring

  • 2.10.0 release ?
  • OSGeo live update (running 2.6)
  • Catalog maintenance Framework - A framework for registering tasks that will be ran when there is little CPU usage. The tasks will check the consistency of the catalog, provide a report with quick fix links. This can likely be tied together with ScheduledTasks that exists now.
  • Catalog Consistency Report - A service that will analyze each metadata and create a report for all (or a subset) of metadata in the catalog.
    • The analysis would find all service metadata that reference a metadata, check that all data metadata still exist in the service and check to see if new metadata should be created. The analysis would also check information like bounding box, SRS, keywords, etc... and report on inconsistencies.
    • The report would contain a list of all the errors detected and provide quick-fix links.
  • UI
    • Mobile UI ( - Create a prototype mobile UI for GeoNetwork. An adaptive UI would be idea. Perhaps modifying current implementations to be more adaptive to a variety of screen sizes.
    • UI : Use AngularJs + OL3 with Jeeves services output JSON
  • Cleaning session
    • Remove GAST (103Mo) ?
    • Drop Mckoi support (WEB-INF/db, config.xml, McKoiActivator, doc references) ?
    • JS libs : Could we share common libs with classic and widget UI ? classic using old version of GeoExt, OpenLayers
    • Update GeoServer to latest release ?
  • Feature merge
  • Code repository
    • Switch from trac to github for tickets (easier link between commit and ticket) ?
  • Code improvements
    • Split code in maven modules. Actually, almost all the code is stored in web module. Should be good to define different modules and move the related code to each: web (only xslt, service definitions?), services, csw-server, harvesters, etc.
  • Data Layer
  • Metadata plugins
    • Download page
    • Integrate Into admin page
    • Github organization and repositories
    • Add versioning information to plugin


  • Introduction to Regions API
  • Presentation of GeOrchestra
  • Presentation on Open Data: RAMADDA and GeoNetwork

Progress reports

Where we Are

TODO This week

  • Test and release 2.10
    • HTML 5 testing
      • Jesse Monday
    • Test on IE 10
      • Jesse Monday
    • Geoserver upgrade ?
      • FXP
    • Ext update?
      • Jesse Testing
  • Catalog Maintenance Prototype
    • Jesse Wednesday
    • Paul Wednesday & discuss requirements
  • Refactoring
    • Everyone
  • Mobile UI
    • Paul Tuesday
    • Florent
  • Metadata plugins
    • Organization creation
    • Simon
    • Jose
  • Remove submodule
    • Jesse
  • Git merge/branching explanation
    • Maria
  • OSGeo Live Update
    • Simon

Future Direction

  • Geogit for versioning
  • Refactoring
  • Mobile UIs
  • Support Open Data
  • Support and recognize to tabular files like excel, etc...
  • Catalog Registration
  • D3.js
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