Update on developments in the first Quarter of 2007

Work has been concentrated on a couple of aspects of the project lately. They are:

  • Development of GeoNetwork opensource version 2.1 resulting in beta releases
  • Work related to the OSGEO incubation process

Development of version 2.1

A lot of development has been going over the last 9 months. Many new functions have been added and existing ones have been enhanced. The plan is to release a final version 2.1 of the catalog software towards the end of April 2007. Here's a summary of what has been developed for this release:

  • Support for the ISO-19115 metadata standard, formatted and validated against the ISO-19139 implementation schema. Read more and also refer to the ISO19115 / 19139 confusion for more details on those standards.
  • Support for the OGC Catalog Services for the Web (OGC-CSW 2.0.1) base specification, based on the ISO application profile. Read more
  • Web based harvesting configuration, scheduling and monitoring between GeoNetwork opensource nodes and from Web accessible folders Read more
  • Embedded thesaurus support, both in the metadata editor and in the search
  • Improved multi-lingual support with online translation functionality for categories, regions etc...

Upgrading of the Community website

The community website has been moved to a telascience server with the assistance of John Graham.

The focus of the website will be on the users of the GeoNetwork opensource software. More work has to be done to clean up the content and remove developer related content.

The Plone based website was upgraded and the content moved. The site now allows for multi-lingual content, PDF output of pages and a cleaner structure. A Documentation Center and a Download center form the basis of the website.

For developers, a Trac-based site will be the central website, providing a bug track mechanism and a WIKI. The intention is to also move the SVN repository to this server to benefit from trac-svn integration. Developer related content from the Community website has to be moved here.

OSGEO incubation process

The project is working on the incubation process to OSGEO. The code review has been completed, web pages have been updated to reflect the OSGEO connection. A review of the software's dependencies is about to be completed without foreseen problems.

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