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Construction draft

Construction draft: On this page the draft of the constuction is described.

KML 2.1 or 2.2

A link to the specification is under the Link section.

Points against 2.2:

  • Still beta (date 05.06.2007)
  • Only few new tags, which are useless for gdal

Points for 2.2:

  • Support for Image Pyramids


Configuration Options

  • GeometryCollectionAllowed -- if the target doesn't support GeometryCollections, the container is split and named accordingly
  • GeometryTypeToExport -- example: LineStrings -> then only the LineStrings of the KML File are exportet


Expat will be used, see link in paragraph title.


Brian McClendon, from Google, has indicated that he would like to see an industrial quality standalone C++ GML SDK that could be used by other companies wanting to work with KML. Desirable things for such an SDK would include:

  • Standalone with no dependencies on OGR. Possibly not even on CPL though that might be inconvenient in the GDAL context.
  • Use a safe XML parser like Expat rather than an unsafe (security wise) one like Xerces or make the xml parser easily pluggable.
  • Support the whole KML feature model, even stuff not of use for OGR.
  • Support all versions of KML.

The OGR driver would then presumably be built on the standalone SDK. This is similar to how the GML driver is structured since it was originally implemented for use in a non-OGR environment.


  • Michael Ashbridge of the Google Earth team has offered to be a technical resource on KML support (email is mashbridge at google dotcom)
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