This page contains informations and thoughts about some tags and how they will be handled.


  • clampToGround -> will be ignored, Z = 0 in OGR, #
  • relativeToGround -> Z in KML ==> Z in OGR, #
  • absolute -> Z in KML ==> Z in OGR, 100% match

# points aren't exactly the same because of curvature of ground

With that you can include other KML files, so you can create on KML file and include vektors for streets, for rivers and one file with a raster.


  • if the link is online, try to download
  • if download fails, look for the filename in the same directory
  • if that fails, too, warn the user and skip the NetworkLink


A Placemark is an OGRFeature


Only Documents and Folders that are parent of a Placemark are used as OGRLayers, the rest is dropped. Perhaps a better solution can be found later, but in GDAL it's not possible to put OGRLayers in OGRLayers. In KML Documents and Folders are also features.

IrcDiscussion with Mateusz

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