Second GDAL Meeting

Date: Tuesday, Dec 4th, 2007

Time: 1700 GMT or 12:00am (Noon) US Eastern (world clock)

Place: #gdal on



Minutes taken by Phil Vachon, edited by FrankW.

Previous Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

Review of Bug List for 1.5.0

  • KML is to be deferred until post-1.5, according to Howard Butler.
  • Frank has elevated relevant bugs to high priority for the release.
  • Frank has also proposed that work on OCI be bailed on, and that it could be addressed post-1.5.0, as it would not require ABI changes. motion carried.
  • Frank has asked that people identify any other showstopper bugs for 1.5.0.
  • Tomas Szekerest wants to deal with #2048.
  • Mateusz Loskot wants to clear up #1567, #2050, #1999.
  • Andrey Kiselev is unsure about #2036.
  • Howard wants any Next-Gen python binding bugs assigned to him as high priority.

Review of TODO item for release

  • Daniel Morisette has created RFC-18 to cover the OGR Style support in the C API.
  • Frank still hasn’t done the rework of libtiff he wanted, and has deferred the OGR Thread Safety RFC, and still wants to incorporate grib.
  • Howard has finished callback support in the ng python bindings. JSON I/O has been implemented.
  • Frank has done –enable-debug.
  • Ari Jolma made several additions to the perl bindings.
  • Daniel thinks there might be a MITAB update before the 1.5.0 release. Frank has urged this be in before Beta 2.


Release Test Matrix

Frank is to prepare a call for testing to encourage people to update the release test matrix page. He also invites other people to add data points to it. Frank intends to prepare win32 binaries, but doesn’t cover corner cases (like drivers dependent on external libraries, bindings).

Proposed Release Management

Frank has noted that the final release approval should be done by the PSC and not the release manager and that something should be written about retaining C++ ABI compatibility. Frank would like the document Howard made to be turned into an RFC.

Many expressed their preference for branching as close to the release as possible, with some exceptions as deemed by the release manager or PSC.

Howard will rework the document to be an RFC, Frank will add some stuff and further discussion of the document can be moved to the mailing list. motion carried.

The NEWS file

Frank has prepared a news file and wants developers to review it. This file will be in subversion.

The news file does not contain bugfixes, only new features, and as of now does not cover bindings-related work.


The Roadmap lists Beta2 on the 10t, and RC1 on the 18th. Frank does not believe additional meetings are required.


Howard motioned to adjourn the meeting. motion carried.

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