GDAL/OGR 2.2.3 Release Notes

The 2.2.3 release is a bug fix release.


  • nmake.opt: Ensure PDB is included in release DLL if WITH_PDB requested (#7055)


  • /vsicurl/ and derived filesystems: redirect ReadDir() to ReadDirEx() (#7045)
  • /vsicurl/: enable redirection optimization on signed URLs of Google Cloud Storage. Helps for the PLScenes driver (#7067)
  • /vsicurl/: fix 2.2 regression regarding retrieval of file size of FTP file (#7088)
  • /vsis3/: fix to avoid invalid content to be sent if Write() writes more than 50 MB in a single call (#7058)
  • /vsis3/: fix Seek(Tell(), SEEK_SET) fails if current position is not 0 (#7062)
  • /vsis3/: fix support of non-ASCII characters in keys (#7143, #7146)
  • Fix CPLCopyTree() that doesn't properly on MSVC 2015 (and possibly other platforms) (#7070)


  • RPC transformer: set output coordinates to HUGE_VAL when failure occurs, so that a following coordinate transformation can detect the error too (#7090)
  • GDALGrid() with linear algorithm: avoid assertions/segmentation fault when GDALTriangulationFindFacetDirected() fails (#7101)
  • GDALComputeProximity(): fix int32 overflow when computing distances on large input datasets (#7102)
  • GDALResampleChunk32R_Gauss: fix potential out of bounds access (

GDAL utilities

  • gdalwarp: fix issue with GDALAdjustValueToDataType(Float32, +/- inf) that didn't preserve infinity, which affected gdalwarp -dstnodata inf (#7097)
  • gdalwarp -crop_to_cutline: reduce number of iterations to find the appropriate densification (#7119)
  • gdal_contour: return with non-0 code if field creation or contour generation failed (#7147)

GDAL drivers

GeoRaster driver:

  • fix int overflow (#6999)

GPKG driver:

  • speed-up statistics retrieval on non-Byte datasets (#7096)

GRIB driver:

  • if GRIB_ADJUST_LONGITUDE_RANGE config option is set to YES, adjust the longitude range to be close to [-180,180] when possible for products whose left origin is close to 180deg. (#7103)

GSAG driver:

GTiff driver:

HTTP driver:

  • do not open the underlying dataset with GDAL_OF_SHARED, to avoid later assertion

JP2KAK driver:

  • fix unix build with Kakadu 7.A and later (#7048, #7081)

JPEG driver:

JP2OpenJPEG driver:

  • Add support for openjpeg 2.3 (#7074)

netCDF driver:

  • fix raster read as nodata with Byte datatype, (valid_range={0,255} or _Unsigned = True) and negative _FillValue (#7069)
  • be more tolerant on the formatting of standard parallel (space separated instead of {x,y,...} syntax), and accept up to 2/1000 error on spacing to consider a regular grid, to be able to read files provided by the national weather institute of Netherlands (KNMI) (#7086)

PDF driver:

  • round to upper integer when computing a DPI such that page size remains within limits accepted by Acrobat (#7083)

Sentinel2 driver:

  • add support for direct opening of .zip files of new safe_compact L1C products (#7085)

VRT driver:

  • avoid error being emitted when opening a VRTRawRasterBand in a .zip files (#7056)

OGR core

  • Fix OGR[Curve]Polygon::Intersects(OGRPoint*) to return true when point is on polygon boundary (#7091)
  • importFromWkt(): fix import of GEOMETRYCOLLECTION ending with POINT EMPTY or LINESTRING EMPTY (#7128, 2.1 regression)

OGR utilities

  • ogrtindex: fix crash when using -f SQLITE -t_srs XXXX (#7053)

OGR drivers

Amigocloud driver:

FileGDB driver:

GeoJSON driver:

  • ESRIJson: recognize documents that lack geometry fields (#7071)
  • ESRIJson: recognize documents starting with a very long fieldAliases list (#7107)

GeoRSS driver:

  • fix detection of field type (#7108)

GML driver:

  • fix FORCE_SRS_DETECTION=YES effect on feature count and SRS reporting on gml files with .gfs (#7046)
  • do not try to open kml files (#7061)
  • GML geometry parsing: fix robustness issue with gml:PolyhedralSurface
  • do not report gml:name / gml:description of features as layer metadata

GPKG driver:

  • do not try to update extent on gpkg_contents after GetExtent() on a empty layer of a datasource opened in read-only mode

GTM driver:

MDB driver:

MITAB driver

  • do not emit error if the .ind file is missing, just a debug message (#7094)


  • fix build with MariaDB 10.2 (#7079)

OCI driver:

ODS driver:

PLScenes driver:

  • backport data/plscenesconf.json from trunk to add SkySatScene fields

Shapefile driver:

  • Fix GetFeatureCount() to properly take into account spatial filter when attribute filter also in effect (#7123)

SQLite/Spatialite driver:

XLS driver:

XLSX driver:

SWIG bindings

  • map GRA_Max, GRA_Min, GRA_Med, GRA_Q1 and GRA_Q3 (#7153)

Python bindings

  • remove 'from . import _gdal_array' line from that is not necessary with normal execution of the bindings, and cause errors with PyInstaller (#7044)
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