GDAL/OGR 2.0.1 Release Notes

The 2.0.1 release is a bug fix release.


  • Build support for Kakadu 7.5 (note: require KAKOBJDIR and KAKFLAGS to be defined in nmake.opt) (#6052)


  • Add plugin option for GeoRaster, HDF4, HDF5, FileGDB, OCI and PG drivers (#6012)


  • Fix CPL_LSBINT16PTR() and CPL_LSBINT32PTR() to work with non-byte pointer (#6090)
  • /vsistdin/: fix caching of first 1MB / VRT driver: read XML content from /vsistdin/ in a streaming compatible way (#6061)
  • /vsimem/: implement append mode (#6049)
  • /vsizip/: avoid returning the previous file list of an already opened .zip if it has changed afterwards (#6005)
  • set svn:eol-style LF to avoid issues with msys mingw (#6013)


  • Honour NBITS metadata item when doing RasterIO() with non-nearest resampling (#6024)

GDAL Algorithms

  • Sieve filter: fix crash on nodata polygons (#6096)
  • Fix crash on gdalgrid when compiled with ICC when AVX isn't available at runtime (#6089)
  • RPC: fix off-by-half pixel computation of (pixel, line), and in bilinear and bicubic RPC DEM interpolation; fix off-by-one pixel registration for Pleaiades RPC (#5993)


  • gdalinfo: workaround bug in released proj versions on datasets with a SRS with a vertical shift grid (#6083)
  • gdalbuildvrt: fix potential crash when using -b switch (#6095)
  • gdalserver: fix compilation with recent GNU libc (such as in Arch Linux) (#6073)
  • gdaldem: correctly deal with NaN as nodata value (#6066)
  • takes again into account -n flag (#6067)

GDAL drivers


  • When writing with floating-point values, ensure at least one value has a decimal point to avoid issues with some readers (#6060)

ECRG driver:

  • change subdataset definition to make sure that they only consist of frames of same scale (#6043)

GTiff driver:

  • Fix GTiffDataset::IsBlockAvailable() wrong behaviour when compiling against internal libtiff, when a BigTIFF file has a TileByteCounts with LONG/4-byte counts and not LONG8 (#6001)

HF2 driver:

  • fix reading side of the driver to work on architectures where char is unsigned, like PPC or ARM (#6082)

HFA driver:

  • when reading projection, preserve EPSG code if AutoIdentifyEPSG() identified the SRS, even if a PE string is present (#6079)

JP2ECW driver:

  • Honour psExtraArg->eResampleAlg when upsampling (#6022)

JP2KAK driver:

  • Honour psExtraArg->eResampleAlg when upsampling (#6022)

Northwood driver:

  • fix computation of intermediate color table values on non-Intel platforms (#6091)

PDF driver:

  • workaround a bug of PoDoFo 0.9.0 by avoiding loading of vector content in raster-only mode (doesn't prevent the crash if reading the vector layers) (#6069)

PDS driver:

  • fix nodata value for UInt16 to be 0 (#6064)

PostgisRaster driver:

  • avoid Identify() to recognize OGR PostgreSQL connection strings with schemas option and cause loud 'QuietDelete' (#6034)

Rasterlite driver:

RIK driver:

  • fix Identify() method to recognize again non-RIK3 RIK datasets (#6078)

VRT driver:

  • Make GetDefaultHistogram() on a sourced raster band save the result in the VRT (#6088)
  • VRT warp: fix crash with implicit overviews and destination alpha band (#6081)
  • VRTDataset::GetSingleSimpleSource(): check there's a single source (#6025)
  • Fix crash on Windows and Mac that may occur with 2 levels of VRT opened in non-shared mode (#6017)

OGR core

  • OGR SQL: do not silently skip NULL values in the first records when evaluating a SELECT DISTINCT (#6020)


  • morphToESRI(): use GCS_WGS_1972 as GCS name for EPSG:4322 (#6027)
  • EPSGGetPCSInfo(): use pcs.override.csv in priority over pcs.csv to read projection name, UOM, UOMAngle, GeogCS, etc... (#6026)
  • Correctly transform Mercator_2SP and _1SP to ESRI Mercator, and back from ESRI Mercator to Mercator_2SP (#4861)

OGR Utilities

CSV driver:

  • Fix issues with leading single quote, and missing first line after ResetReading(), when parsing allCountries.txt (#6087)
  • fix detection of TAB delimiter in allCountries.csv when the first line has a comma (#6086)

CartoDB driver:

DXF driver:

  • make it compatible with C++11/C++14 (#6002)

GeoJSON driver:

  • Internal libjson: fix for C11 compatibility (fix runtime crash, #6008)

PG driver:

  • Fix 2.0 regression when overwriting several existing PostGIS layers with ogr2ogr (#6018)

Shapefile driver:

  • accept opening standalone .dbf files whose header length is not a multiple of 32 bytes (#6035)

SQLite/Spatialite driver:

  • Fix issue with consecutive identical characters in layer name with ExecuteSQL() (#6107)
  • Fix crash on GetLayerByName('non_existing_table(geom_column)') (#6103)
  • fix heuristics in OGRSQLiteSelectLayer::GetExtent() to not be used when there's a sub SELECT (#6062)

XPlane driver:

  • extend ICAO identifiers to 5 digits (#6003)

SWIG Language Bindings

Perl bindings:

  • Add basic POD to
  • Add some basic module info for CPAN.
  • Add missing files to MANIFEST
  • Use strict and warnings in overridden constructors.
  • string formatting in croak (#6050)
  • Use standard C comments in swig bindings (#6039)

Python bindings:

  • Fix build with SWIG 3.0.6 (#6045)
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