Fusion 1.0.5 Release Notes

This is a bug fix release fixing a number of minor issues



[Fusion] Cursor Position widget appears to be reporting incorrect location
Scale returned could be rounded
[Widgets] GetPrintablePage creates scrollbars in main app
MapTips uses hardcoded values when calculating the polygon
Measure tool broken for Mapserver
MapMenu widget doesn't preserve extents
errors in Buffer.php
CenterSelection errors
MapMenu widget duplicates enumerated entries that also appear in mapgroups
SaveMap DWF implementation fails
SelectRadius issues
Enhance SaveMap widget to support multiple PrintLayouts
Enhance SaveMap widget to support custom image width and height
SaveMap DWF enhancements for page format control
MG readers should be closed to release connections
Add CLIENTID parameter to requests made by Fusion to allow it to be identified in access logs
Fusion's implementation of QUERYMAPFEATURES does not support LAYERATTRIBUTEFILTER
prepare 1.0.5 release

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