Definition and Process

RFCs are formal documents that are required for significant technology, or process changes to the project. They typically include both the motivation behind the proposal and a detailed description of the change.

Any interested party can write an RFC not just MetaCRS PSC members and developers.
Once written they are posted to the project site and an announcement made to the MetaCRS mailing list.
The author should incorporate and/or respond to all comments received within one week and repost an updated copy of the RFC. The author can begin modifying the RFC in response to feedback after it has been posted for 48 hours. The RFC should not be modified within the first 48 hours to allow everyone a chance to read and provide feedback on the RFC.
Once all feedback has been incorporated into the RFC a motion can be brought to the MetaCRS PSC for a vote to either accept or reject the RFC.

An RFC is required when:

  • Significant new features are added to the project.
  • Changes affect the architecture of the software or component interaction.
  • Changes require API, dictionary, or file format modification.
  • Changes may impact backward compatibility.
  • Changes affect project policies or procedures.
  • Changes establish or affect relationships with external entities such as OSGeo.

An RFC is not required for bug fixes or minor enhancements that do not rework any substantial amount of code. After reading this if you are not sure whether an RFC is required or not, ask the PSC via e-mail on the MetaCRS mailing list and we will decide.

After an RFC has been accepted and as long as the work is not already in a final release, updates to it can be made. These updates are often caused by changes required for implementation. Any updates are posted to the PSC for approval. After 48 hours, if the update is approved, the RFC is updated and an addendum section that describes the update is added.

Creating an RFC

This page is a working document, showing all current and previous RFCs submitted to the MetaCRS PSC for the CS-Map sub-project. To create a new RFC follow these steps:

  • edit this page, creating a new link in the following format:

[wiki:CsMapRfc# CS-Map RFC # - RFC Title]

  • add a status indication beside it of "Not ready for review"
  • save the page and follow the new link
  • edit the new page using the RFC Template as a guide
  • when you are ready for review, set the status column to "draft" and send a note to the MetaCRS mailing list


CS-Map RFC 1 - Creation of a GDC file to handle French grid files Implemented CS-Map version 12.1
CS-Map RFC 2 - Redesign of Datum Transformation Engine Implemented CS-Map version 13.01
CS-Map RFC 3 - EPSG/SRID Code Upgrade Implemented CS-Map version 13.01
CS-Map RFC 4 - VS2010 Upgrade Implemented CS-Map version 13.02
CS-Map RFC 5 - Multi-thread Upgrade Implemented CS-Map version 13.02
CS-Map RFC 6 - Separate "user-edited definitions" from "system definitions" in CSD files Adopted CS-Map version 13.20
CS-Map RFC 7 - US NSRS2007 and NSRS 2011 Implementation Implemented CS-MAP Version 14.20(?)/15.10(?)
CS-Map RFC 8 - CS_MAP Clean Up Draft CS-MAP Version 14.30(?)/15.20(?)
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