CS-Map RFC 4 - VS2010 Upgrade

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Submission Date16 Mar 2011
Last ModifiedNorm Olsen 16 Mar 2011
AuthorNorm Olsen
RFC StatusProposed
Implementation StatusPending
Proposed Milestone13.02
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Upgrade CS-MAP as necessary to compile and run in 32 bit and 64 bit mode using the Visual Studio 2010 compiler.


Major benefactor is moving all development to VS2010. CS-MAP needs to be compatible with all other developement.

Proposed Solution

Modify code as necessary, adjust project and solution files as necessary, in order to get the CS-MAP Library to compile at warning level 3 with no messages using VS2010. Then verify the integrity of the result usin the VS2010 compilation of the Console Test Program. All changes to be made in such a manner as not to interfere with compliation using previous compilers, and under Linux.


It is not intended to affect existing compilation performance in any way, just add 2010 to the list of tested compilers. The existin solution file will be retained, although renamed to indicate that it is a VS2008 compatible file.

Test Plan

The results of omcpileing using VS2010 will be tested using the CS-MAP ConsoelTestCpp program at the 32 and 64 bit levels.


Resources to be provided by Autodesk.

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