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GDAL driver Libkml is not enabled/packaged

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Would that be possible to include the LIBKML driver into the default GDAL distribution or as optional plugin?

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This would be very handy as it would resolve issues like  http://hub.qgis.org/issues/5242

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I am working on libkml packaging now.

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Hello and Merry Christmas to all !

Did warmerdam have the time to work on this ticket ? I am stuck with data I cannot extract from KML through ogr2ogr, and I would be very grateful if LibKML could be integrated to OSGEO4W.

Or else, has anyone an idea of the best way to go without the ogr2ogr tool ? I am trying to merge a set of files and to export the result into SHP.

Thanks to all,


Changed 8 months ago by Alister

Is there anything special about these particular files? I can convert kml files with ogr2ogr without libkml - are you sure you're not talking about kmz files? They are just zipped kml files, so you can deal with them after unzipping (or follow the link above for other methods).

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Hello Alister,

My problem is dealing with KML attributes : I can convert kml files with ogr2ogr using the usual KML driver, but I loose all attributes (except 'name' and 'description')

It seems LibKML manages attributes in the SimpleData? format. That's why I'm hoping for the LibKML lib to join osgeo4w !


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