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    66On windows you can download !MapGuide Maestro as an MSI installable package, or as a zipped file of executeables.
    77You must have the .Net framework 2.0 installed. The installer will automatically ask you to install it, if you don't have it.
    8  *  '''[ Installer (recommended)]'''
    9  *  [ Binaries]
    11 === MapGuide Maestro 2.0 RC 2 ===
    12 If you have 1.0.9 installed, please uninstall before installing 2.0 or you may get extra shortcuts.
    14  *  '''[ Installer 2.0 RC 2]'''
    15  *  [ Binaries 2.0 RC 2]
    16 The installer will create a shorcut in your start menu. If you choose the binaries, simply double click on Maestro.exe.
     8 *  '''[ Installer (recommended)]'''
     9 *  [ Binaries]
    1811== Linux / Mac OS (Current release) ==
    1912For linux or Mac OS, you must first install [ Mono] and the winforms packages.
    2013Once Mono is installed, please download the binaries:
    21  *  '''[ Binaries]'''
    22 === MapGuide Maestro 2.0 RC 2 ===
    23  *  '''[ Binaries 2.0 RC 2]'''
     14 *  '''[ Binaries]'''
    2617The installation is simply unzipping the file:
    28 unzip "MapGuide Maestro"
    29 mv Release Maestro
     19unzip "MapGuide Maestro"
    3121Then run the application:
    4636== Preview releases ==
     37!MapGuide Maestro 2.0 is newer than the preview releases.
    4839This release may not be functional. It might not be translated completely. It is here to showcase new features or to get feedback on particular issues. Most users do not want to download these files. If you use the installer, you must uninstall a previous version first. If you use the binaries, DO NOT overwrite your current installation, as the next release will not replace your files, and thus not work. Uninstall will even leave the files there.
    5142The number indicates what revision of the source code the items were built with. The [ Revision log] explains what changes are contained in the code.
    53 r4586 has the following fixes and additions to 1.0.9:
    54  * Enabled editing of permissions on the root node.
    55  * Fixed a bug with creating a package from the entire site.
    56  * A profile button that measures the time taken to retrieve a schema and render a layer. Works for both !LayerDefinitions and !MapDefinitions.
    57  * Fixed a bug when changing servers and pages were open.
    58  * Fixed a bug with "Save As.." where the text on the tab would display the old name.
    59  * Changed the button display to better match the posibilities of the open resource editor.
    60  * Fixed a bug where uploading/restoring packages would fail, due to translation errors.
    61  * Added easy access to the ResourceID from properties, and the main tree's context menu.
    62  * Fixed delete of layer groups in maps
    63  * Fixed a problem with using custom colors in the color picker
    64  * Added support for base layer groups, including conversion to and from regular groups
    65  * Added support for editing and building finitite display scales, linear and logarithmic
    66  * Main window now remembers previous location on startup
    67  * [wiki:maestro/MgCooker MgCooker] is part of the installation and avalible on maps
    68  * Fixed a bug with scale range display on raster layers
    69  * Better display of actual data on previews
    70  * Fixed a bug with reading localization files.
    71  * Fixed a bug where x and y was swapped on previews.
    72  * Fixed a bug where the z column was not saved on ODBC setup.
    73  * Folders and resources with dots (.) and slashes (/) are now shown correctly.
    74  * Added a resource validator to check items for common errors
    75  * Fixed a collision with unsaved items, and the validator
    76  * Validator now has a progres bar, and can run on a folder
    77  * Support for large repositories.
    78  * Correctly refreshes repository tree when renaming.
    79  * Fixed a bug in the validator when saving maps with empty legend labels.
    80  * Improved upload of managed files.
    81  * Simplified projection override.
    82  * Added resource reference listing in the properties window.
    83  * Fixed numerous issues with MgCooker, and added options to the GUI.
    84  * Fixed an issue with the MgCooker connection settings (r4082)
    85  * Fixed an error when moving a folder into itself (r4082)
    86  * Fixed a chrash with the validator (r4082)
    87  * Improved the Package Builder and put it in a seperate Dll for non-Maestro usage (r4082)
    88  * Language choices in the installer (r4099)
    89  * Fixed issue with renaming open resources (r4099)
    90  * Fixed issue with deleting subgroups in MapDefinition (r4099)
    91  * Vastly improved the Expression Editor (thank to Jackie) (r4099)
    92  * Added a theme generator with color brewer support (r4163)
    93  * Fixed problems with shortcuts in installer (r4164)
    94  * Improved the theme generator (r4177)
    95  * Updated assembly version to match build revision (r4177)
    96  * Fixed various issues with the ThemeCreator (r4203)
    97  * Fixed various issues with the Search component in WebLayouts (r4203)
    98  * Added option to read column values in the Expression Editor (r4203)
    99  * Fixed a disabled button in the Expression Editor (r4208)
    100  * French translation by Pierre Cardinal (r4326)
    101  * Fixed various problems with MgCooker (r4347)
    102  * Added methods to deal with the selection in a runtime map, MaestroAPI (r4347)
    103  * Added a method to duplicate resources (r4347)
    104  * Added option to add multiple layers to a map (r4347)
    105  * Added Font Symbol support for points on layers, thanks to Crispin, 1Spatial (r4347)
    106  * Build r4357 was broken :(
    107  * Fixed a bug in r4347 with saving new resources (r4358)
    108  * Fixed a bug in the package builder with international charaters (r4431)
    109  * Moved to a new translation system that yields faster startup (r4431)
    110  * Many minor fixes and improvements (r4431)
    111  * Preview support for labels with Ghosted or Opaque background (r4431)
    112  * Added transparency options to symbols, lines etc. (r4431)
    113  * Fixed a bug wit parsing schemas (WMS had this error, maybe others) (r4431)
    114  * Improved default templates for layer and SymbolDefinition, thanks to Jason Birch (r4437)
    115  * Many fixes for the translation system (r4475)
    116  * Many minor UI fixes and bugfixes related to build 4358 (r4475)
    117  * Access to the expression editor from various properties in the layer styles (r4475)
    118  * Fixed a bug with MgCooker and partial runs (r4475)
    119  * Fixed a bug with composite linestyles (r4475)
    120  * Better support for selecting coordinate systems in the MapDefinition (r4480)
    121  * More logging of exceptions (r4586)
    122  * Fixed a PostGIS label, runtime map selection and color codes in the treeview (r4635).
    12444== Previous releases ==