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    2222 * Jason to figure out documentation stuff
    2323 * Everyone to help out with OSGeo newsletter blurb
    24  * Jason to contact Mateusz about BuildBot.
     24 * Jason to contact Mateusz about !BuildBot.
     26== Transcript ==
     28        <rbray> Looks like I am late. Are we ready to start?
     29        <jasonbirch>    Sure.
     30        <rbray> You added lots of stuff. Shall we start with Goc?
     31        <jasonbirch>    Complaining? Sounds good.
     32        <rbray> All mentors need a Google account. Can we just add that info onto the wiki?
     33        <rbray> Do we have all the projects we want listed?
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     35        <jasonbirch>    Add it here:
     36        <sigq>  Title: 2007 Google SoC Application - OSGEO (at
     37        <jasonbirch>    I'd love to see more stuff done (especially the JSON output from MapAgent, and Java SWIG changes) but can't step up for those.
     38        <rbray> I'd like to add one project for adding Web Services APIs (SOAP/REST/etc) to MG
     39        <rbray> We can get someone here to mentor the JSON output and/or Java SWIG enhancements.
     40        <rbray> I think.
     41        <jasonbirch>    lol
     42        <jasonbirch>    overcommiting? :)
     43        <rbray> Only if we get students on all of them :)
     44        <jasonbirch>    That should be REST/SOAP/etc... SOAP is painful and overkill, and I'm tired of having it crammed down my throat by "enterprise" apps :)
     45        <jasonbirch>    How do you see these working? Just for the MapAgent stuff?
     46        <jasonbirch>    Or as a generic framework for application development?
     47        <rbray> Could be either. I'd like a more general approach to expose all the Service APIs to start. Then we can add to that.
     48        <jasonbirch>    Sounds great to me.
     49        <jasonbirch>    JSON could be added as an output type to those?
     50        <rbray> That would make sense to me. Especially if it's REST based.
     51        <rbray> My main goal would be to get a framework in place that we could later extend though. Something we can start experimenting with.
     52        <jasonbirch>    Sounds good to me.
     53        <Haris> perhaps xml-rpc is something to consider to
     54        <jasonbirch>    And updating MapGuide through blog posts :)
     55        <jasonbirch>    I've added some actions around SoC here: These are pretty time-sensitive.
     56        <sigq>  Title: PscMeeting03-08-2007 - MapGuide Open Source - Trac (at
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     58        <jasonbirch>    everyone OK?
     59        <rbray> Sorry, I got interupted by the phone. Back now.
     60        <bdechant>      Yup still here
     61        <jasonbirch>    afk. lucky you didn't get sniped :)
     62        <rbray> Can everyone please update the GoC page by? Whats the required timeline, anyone know?
     63        <rbray> Haris: XML-RPC is a good option too. Lighter than SOAP...
     64        <rbray> Harris: so I'll add it to my project description as an option.
     65        <jasonbirch>    real soon now.
     66        <Haris> yes much easier to start with
     67        <rbray> Let's say end of the week for the page to be complete, with google ids for all mentors. Sound ok?
     68        <jasonbirch>    Haris, Paul, can you add a few more words to your descriptions? Assume the students don't know much about MapGuide
     69        <Haris> ok, I will do that
     70        <rbray> Jason: Paul is the absent PSC member today.
     71        <jasonbirch>    March 12 is the application deadline. If we can do it be end of day today, it would be better. Not sure how possible that is.
     72        <jasonbirch>    Hmm. Must be working on my stuff :)
     73        <rbray> I can add my Web Service on today.
     74        <rbray> Maybe he is helping with that FGS installer :)
     75        <jasonbirch>    Better not be... :)
     76        <jasonbirch>    I'll flesh out the Swig one. Not sure what to say about JSON. Can you incorporate it in WS?
     77        <rbray> Ok, let's try and get the updates done today. Jason can you send a reminder on the PSC list after the meeting?
     78        <jasonbirch>    Sure
     79        <rbray> Jason: Yes I can do that. Trevor Wekel would be the mentor on Java/SWIG.
     80        <jasonbirch>    Can you ask him to send me his google account?
     81        <jasonbirch>    Or just enter it into the OSGeo application?
     82        <rbray> Have all of our projects been copied into the application?
     83        <jasonbirch>    Not yet.
     84        <jasonbirch>    Linked currently.
     85        <rbray> OK good. I'll ask him to send you his id or update the page.
     86        <rbray> Ok, anything else on GoC before we move on?
     87        <Haris> Jason, Is tommorow morning (CET time ) to late ?
     88        <jasonbirch>    No Haris, I'm sure it's fine.
     89        <rbray> Ok, next topic: Doxygen.
     90        <jasonbirch>    I think that's mine :)
     91        <jasonbirch>    I'd really like to see a couple things: generation of the PHP search script that is an option, and including inherited methods/properties in the class defintions.
     92        <jasonbirch>    I could play around with this myself, but would like the existing conf file to start with...
     93        <rbray> Inherited methods are there. Just click the All Methods link.
     94        <rbray> I'll ask pubs to commit the config file. I did not realize it was not part of the repository.
     95        <jasonbirch>    ? where's the All Methods link?
     96        <rbray> In each class page.
     97        <jasonbirch>    Oh found it I think. All Members. I find the system odd. It seems like there are two pages for each class or something.
     98        <rbray> Yea, there may be a cleaner way by tweaking the config file. I don't know much about it.
     99        <rbray> Search enabling is pretty easy.
     100        <jasonbirch>    Looks that way.
     101        <rbray> Frank would like us to cut down the size of the output too, but I am not sure what to cut.
     102        <jasonbirch>    Hmm. Our documentation is proprietary :) Is it going to piss folks off if I start messing with it?
     103        <jasonbirch>    (sorry, documentation DEVELOPMENT PROCESS)
     104        <rbray> Not if the Open Source build uses it's own config file.
     105        <rbray> We we should be doing anyway.
     106        <rbray> We = Which
     107        <jasonbirch>    Just need a few more volunteers :)
     108        <jasonbirch>    I'm pretty happy with the activity on the mailing list these days, btw.
     109        <rbray> Yes it is pretty balanced, with a lot more folks answering.
     110        <rbray> Its not just the Jason and Andy show :)
     111        <rbray> So if I get all this doxygen stuff added should I add a ticket and assign it to you?
     112        <jasonbirch>    Having core developer involvement is still pretty darn important too :)
     113        <Andy_Morsell>  (Thankfully)
     114        <jasonbirch>    Sure :) I'd like to see a quick fix that adds the search script.
     115        <jasonbirch>    And I'm sure that Andy_Morsell would too :)
     116        <rbray> Hey helping OS users is actually part of our goals.
     117        <Andy_Morsell>  I've been clamoring for searching ever since the switch to Doxygen.
     118        <jasonbirch>    Performance measures?
     119        <rbray> Yep. It's great because it shows corporate commitment.
     120        <rbray> Does anyone care for the diagrams in Doxygen. Maybe that would be a way to cut down size.
     121        <jasonbirch>    There are a few items I could do without.
     122        <jasonbirch>    I do like the inheritance diagrams though.
     123        <jasonbirch>    It's the huge graphs that aren't all that useful for me.
     124        <Andy_Morsell>  They're almost impossible to read at screen resolution (maybe a wall poster would work) so I could live without the super granular diagrams.
     125        <jasonbirch>    I'll try a few configs anyway... and maybe post them on my site.
     126        <jasonbirch>    Sometime in December.
     127        <jasonbirch>    hey, reload your browsers, I added an agenda item.
     128        <jasonbirch>    So...
     129        <rbray> Doh
     130        <jasonbirch>    In general, this page really needs some work:
     131        <sigq>  Title: MapGuide Project Update - 2007 Q1 - OSGEO (at
     132        <rbray> Ok, we are running out of time fast. Lets move on.
     133        <rbray> Yes it does. Do you know Tylers deadline?
     134        <jasonbirch>    If everyone could add some important items, add verbiage, maybe link to some implementations, then that would be great.
     135        <jasonbirch>    Timeline is here:
     136        <sigq>  Title: Newsletter Volume 1 - OSGEO (at
     137        <TomMGOS>       I'll look up and add the dates of some of the other releases
     138        <rbray> Ok, so we have a couple of weeks. I can certainly add some stuff next week.
     139        <rbray> BTW - Thanks for getting the ball rolling on this Jason.
     140        <jasonbirch>    On a personal note, I could really use some short notes on the history of proprietary MG for the article I'm behind on. I only came into it in 2001, and missed the whole ADSK acquisition, etc, etc. I didn't even get ColdFusion bundled with my second license. I'd be happy to get an input off-list. And I'll be expecting quotes from all of you at some point in the article. danmo included.
     141        <jasonbirch>    OK, so over next week, can everyone look at that page and update as possible?
     142        <Andy_Morsell>  Yes. Man, you're a busy guy Jason. I really don't know how you're doing all of this........
     143        <rbray> Jason, did you grab the stuff from the About page?
     144        <jasonbirch>    (me neither)
     145        <jasonbirch>    There's an about page? :)
     146        <rbray> Yes it has some history. I can elaborate if you want more.
     147        <rbray>
     148        <jasonbirch>    That's useful. Must have read it at some point, but I don't remember.
     149        <jasonbirch>    I'll come to you for confirmation.
     150        <rbray> Sounds good.
     151        <rbray> Now what about BuildBot?
     152        <jasonbirch>    mloskot volunteered to help get us configured in April if we are. He'd done for FDO previously, but there didn't seem to be a lot of interest. Need to judge interest here first.
     153        <jasonbirch>    And there are Windows VMs avaliable with buildbot agents on them.
     154        <rbray> Cool. Well I am all for it. I think public builds is a good next step for the project.
     155        <jasonbirch>    Here's FDO's broken (because of SVN changes) version:
     156        <sigq>  Title: BuildBot: FDO (at
     157        <rbray> That is as long as I am not doing the work :)
     158        <jasonbirch>    My main reason for wanting this is that as we add platform support it will make sure that it is maintained.
     159        <jasonbirch>    And if it isn't, the appropriate developer gets "blamed" :)
     160        <rbray> Yea, but at the moment BuildBot is only running on FC4 yes?
     161        <jasonbirch>    The server is, but I think there may be multple agents.
     162        <rbray> Is the plan to run multiple VMs with different distros?
     163        <jasonbirch>    Maybe?
     164        <jasonbirch>
     165        <sigq>  Title: BuildBot: GDAL (at
     166        <rbray> Hmm, all the telescience blades are running FC4. Not sure thate are any outside agents.
     167        <jasonbirch>
     168        <sigq>  Title: BuildBot: PROJ.4 (at
     169        <jasonbirch>    Both of these have different platforms building.
     170        <jasonbirch>    Some of the telescience blades are running Solaris I think :)
     171        <TomMGOS>       BTW, looks like the build bot for FDO needs to be updated to point to the new subversion repositories; that's why they are failing.
     172        <rbray> How can you tell the platform?
     173        <jasonbirch>    Osmosis (I don't think it's documented)
     174        <jasonbirch>    TomMGOS: yes, but mloskot's been busy, and unsure whether anyone was benefiting from the FDO config.
     175        <rbray> Click the build server link, there is a description. Sorry I am slow.
     176        <jasonbirch>    Oh. Good.
     177        <jasonbirch>    PPC build :)
     178        <TomMGOS>       Anyone can even force a build from there. Nice
     179        <rbray> We are internally still doing nightlys using BuildForge. But limited in platform to Fedora/Redhat.
     180        <rbray> It would be great to open this up to different platforms.
     181        <jasonbirch>    Right. Is it even possible to build MG from the commandline on Windows?
     182        <TomMGOS>       Yes, that's how we build it.
     183        <jasonbirch>    Would it be possible to add that stuff to the repository?
     184        <rbray> We should probably document that magic at some point.
     185        <jasonbirch>    It's easy to do with FDO because there are bat files; I'm missing that in MG.
     186        <jasonbirch>    And I hate clicking in GUIs.
     187        <jasonbirch>    :)
     188        <rbray> We'll have to look. I don't see why we could not add them to SVN.
     189        <jasonbirch>    OK, so there is interest in BuildBot. I'll let Mat know.
     190        <rbray> Yep
     191        <rbray> How is the PostGIS provider coming BTW. I have not seen a beta announcement yet.
     192        <jasonbirch>    Getting closer daily. Looking at Monday (no, not last Monday) now though :(
     193        <rbray> I can't wait to try it out.
     194        <rbray> Ok gang is that a wrap for today.
     195        <jasonbirch>    Me too. Thanks Bob.
     196        <rbray> Ok, lets adjourn then. Thanks everyone.
     197        <Haris> bye
     198        <jasonbirch>    I've posted actions here: +1
     199        <bdechant>      Bye
     200        <jasonbirch>
     201        <sigq>  Title: PscMeeting03-08-2007 - MapGuide Open Source - Trac (at
     202        <jasonbirch>    (paste error :)
     203        <rbray> Thanks Jason. I'll post the transcript shortly.