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The seventeenth meeting of the MapGuide PSC will take place Thursday, January 8, 2009 at 19:00 UTC (2:00 PM ET / 12:00 AM MT / 11:00 AM PT).

Meeting Chair: Bob Bray

Universal Time:

Location: The meeting will be held on IRC at #mapguide


  • Appoint a Meeting Secretary
  • Fundraising
  • MGOS and Fusion release schedule
  • Build Environment
  • Installer (we need a beta...)


  • Tom: (with Trevor) - setup a Donate to Builds process where donations go directly to Trevor who would supply a PayPal? account and regular reporting
  • Bob: document initial process for donations, usage guidelines etc.
  • Tom: get the C code for the IIS installer and perhaps opensource it?
  • Jason + Kenneth - beta installer by end Jan
  • Paul: Fusion 2.0 beta
  • Paul + Tom: integration of Fusion 2.0 beta into MGOS in time for MGOS 2.1


Appoint a Meeting Secretary

  • Paul Spencer volunteered to take minutes


  • Jason:
    • OSGeo/Telascience servers aren't adequate for hosting a robust build environment, Trevor has volunteered some personal resources, but we need to figure out how to cover his costs ($200-$800 / month)
    • If we can find a developer, there may be things that users desire (new functionality)

  • Should we take donations through OSGeo Sponsorship or directly to Trevor through paypal
    • Bob and others against this idea, but Frank points out that sponsorship doesn't really handle small amounts (i.e. $200)
    • OSGeo non-profit paperwork is awaiting processing
  • Need to discuss usage/disbursement guidelines similar to those of OpenLayers and GDAL, perhaps best done on the mailing list
  • more discussion on this results in a proposal to support both
  • Bob First Motion: Setup a Donate to Builds process, where donations go directly to Trevor. Trevor would supply the paypal account and reporting to us on a regular basis. Seconded by Jason. Passed (Bob, Jason, Tom, Haris, Kenneth, Andy, Paul)
  • Bob Second Motion: Setup Donations through OSGeo similar to OpenLayers and GDAL. Seconded by Paul. Passed (Paul, Bob, Andy, Tom, Kenneth, Jason, Haris).

MGOS and Fusion release schedule

  • MGOS 2.1 beta was supposed to be released in Oct by failed due to lack of builds
  • Jason has been working on an installer but its not done yet there are a couple of holes for IIS and registering FDO providers
  • basically a lack of resources
  • Fusion 2.0 beta towards the end of January
  • general discussion on IIS installer stuff that I didn't understand ;)
  • agreed on trying to release an MGOS 2.1/Fusion 2.0 beta by end Jan

Wrap Up

  • can pick up the other items next time, but they were kinda wrapped up in the discussion of the other items
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