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Installer Status

This page provides the big picture with regards to the current state of the installer.

Items still to be addressed

  • Testing Java support
  • IIS7-specific issues (#912)
  • Install in own IIS application pool (#360)
  • VC++ runtime library issues (#911)

Items that would be convenient to address

  • Ability to choose web site to install extensions (#361)
  • Localization (#897)
  • Bootstrapper Support (#882)

Known working configurations

  • Yes denotes that this option is working
  • No denotes that this option does not work
  • N/A denotes that this option is not applicable
  • Unknown denotes that this option has not been tested yet.

Apache Configuration
Windows XPYesUnknownN/A
Windows Server 2003YesUnknownN/A
Windows VistaUnknownUnknownN/A
Windows Server 2008UnknownUnknownN/A

IIS Configuration
Windows XPYesUnknownYes
Windows Server 2003YesUnknownYes
Windows VistaUnknownUnknownUnknown
Windows Server 2008UnknownUnknownUnknown