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Performance: Tooltips are evaluated unnecessarily when rendering the map image

Reported by: chrisclaydon Owned by: chrisclaydon
Priority: medium Milestone: 2.1
Component: Rendering Service Version: 2.0.1
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Various different renderers are used with the default stylizer in order to achieve different results, such as rendering the map image, querying properties, and determining tooltips and hyperlinks.

The current code evaluates tooltips for all features on a layer that has a tooltip defined, regardless of whether the tooltips are actually required by the specified renderer. This results in unnecessary processing overhead when the tooltips are not required.

The fix for this is to add two new virtual methods to the renderers to allow them to declare whether or not they support tooltip and hyperlink processing. The methods are called SupportsTooltips() and SupportsHyperlinks() respectively. They default to false, but may be overridden in a specific renderer to indicate that the necessary data should be processed.

They will be implemented to return true in the FeatureInfoRenderer, which is used to determine tooltips and hyperlinks.

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Updated by submission 3251

The initial implementation defaulted renderers to ignore tooltips and hyperlinks, and switched them on specifically for the FeatureInfoRenderer. This disabled tooltips for the DWF Viewer. The update takes the safer approach of defaulting the support to true, and disabling it for specific renderers that we know do not require it. (GDRenderer, AGGRenderer, FeaturePropRenderer)

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