Updating a libgdal-* Package

The libgdal-* packages (libgdal-grass for example) are format in the gdal source. This tutorial will explain how to get the source from gdal's source.

  • Get the gdal's sources from and extract them and
    cd gdal-1.9.2
    cd frmts/grass #using gdal-grass for this example
    make dist
    There should be .tar.gz in the folder, this is your source. Rename it with the proper .orig.tar.gz name for the package (libgdal-grass.orig.tar.gz) and put it where you are building your package.
  • Debian uses a different process:
    gbp clone git://
    cd gdal
    quilt push -a
    make -f debian/rules gdal-grass
    The tarball will be available in ../libgdal-grass-<version>.tar.gz

You can now proceed how you would update a package normally.

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