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Proj4J is a Java library to transform point coordinates from one geographic coordinate system to another, including datum transformations.

The core of this library is a port of the PROJ.4 C library. The projection algorithms and coordinate system definitions are ported from PROJ.4. These are wrapped in a Java class model which follows standard Java conventions and OO best practices, and which provides a convenient domain model for working with coordinate systems.

Proj4J is a part of the MetaCRS group of projects, hosted by OSGeo.


  • Uses the PROJ.4 coordinate system definition files
  • Supports many PROJ.4 parameters
  • Implements over 90 projections
  • Provides coordinate system definitions for EPSG and ESRI authorities
  • Simple, efficient API
  • Provides a test framework compatible with the MetaCRS Test Suite
  • Provides unit tests defined in MetaCRS format


Status: Currently this library is still being created, and is not yet ready for download


  • The PROJ.4 documentation is the best reference for details of the coordinate system specification language, projection algorithms and supported parameters.
  • the Version History lists the evolution of features of the library
  • The Design Goals provide the thinking guiding project development
  • The Development Roadmap details future directions for development

Mailing List

A mailing list is available for users and developers of Proj4J.


Bug Tracking


Proj4J is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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Project History

The Proj4J codebase is based on the Java Map Projections Library. This is a partial port of PROJ.4 carried out by Jerry Huxtable at JHLabs, circa 2006. The JHLabs port provided a large number of the PROJ.4 projections, via a simple API.

The Proj4J project was initiated in 2009 by Martin Davis with the following goals:

  • move the JHLabs codebase into an open, supported environment
  • minimize duplication of effort by tracking PROJ.4 as closely as reasonable
  • support further PROJ.4 features such as datum transformation
  • improve the error handling and reporting
  • improve the parsing and modeling of projection parameters
  • improve the API to make it more flexible, expressive and descriptive
  • add some missing projections
  • fix outstanding bugs in the projection algorithms
  • add a unit test framework (following the MetaCRS Unit Test design), with a comprehensive set of unit tests
  • add further tools to support using the library (such as a GUI interface)

Since the launch of the project, the API has been substantially refactored and extended, to make the library more flexible, powerful, and extensible.

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