TIGER Geocoder ToDo

  • Street Intersection Geocoding
    • Modify norm_addy structure accordingly
    • Update normalizer to look for intersection junction characters (ie: &), etc
    • New lookups based on intersections (or update existing to work with them)
    • Figure out the right geometry to return (point, but needs to be the right end of the segment, etc)
    • Update pprint_addy() for the norm_addy structure
  • No-address/block geocoding
    • Handle just-street lookups (ie: Main St, Boston, MA)
    • Return multiple rows the blocks (ie: 0-100 Main St, 101-200, etc) and midpoint for geometry
    • Fall-back to no-address geocoding when no match is otherwise found
    • Consider going to no-address when an exact street match exists
    • Adjust rate_attributes for it?
  • Fall back to street-type null if no street with the street type given can be found
    • Example case: "Laurel Hill" when the street is really "Laurel Hill Rd" won't ever be matched correctly because we think "Hill" is the street type and never look back.
  • Support different match-level requirements for a return
    • Fall-back to zip/city,state geocoding (default currently)
    • Require matching to the block (full-match)
    • Exact matches only (no fuzzy lookups)
    • Fuzzy lookups (street mis-spelling, etc)
    • Other options?
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