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PostGIS Hosters

List of hosters that people run PostGIS on and are happy with. Note many of these are standard ISPs or standard Cloud Hosting providers with no specific expertise in PostgreSQL/PostGIS, but people like them for the price, speed, and or support for their work loads.

Although Amazon EBS block storage is not the greatest for database work and in fact many with high peformance needs have had issues with it, there are many Amazon Images (AMIs) preconfigured with PostGIS and Open Source GIS stacks so it is great for getting your feet wet. It also also allows you to shut off the server and not incur additional charges.

GoGrid offers both Windows and Linux Cloudhosting and their tech support is extremely responsive. While they don't specifically offer PostgreSQL/PostGIS, this is something you can install yourself easily and people are beginning to build community images for.

  • Linode Cloudhosting This is a cloud hosting provider that we know a couple of people running PostgreSQL/PostGIS on and are happy with. We have one client that runs on this and price/support/speed are happy with it. They offer many Linux OS to choose from but offer no Windows hosting.
  • AcuGIS Offers PostGIS hosting in the United States and Europe. Your choice of PostGIS 1.5 or 2.0, along with PostgreSQL 8.4, 9.1, or 9.2. AcuGIS combines the convenience of cPanel with the power of PostGIS. Install PostGIS on your databases in one-click.

PostGIS DbaaS

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