Code Sprint - Virtual - 2020



Sponsorship dollars will be used to support development of features and bug fixes and travel (travel is a pipe dream)? Please contact <lr at pcorp dot us> or <treasurer at>.

We are able to accept payments in the form of Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Pay Pal, and for US companies (all the already stated plus checks)

Sponsor List Contribution $2000


The main aim is to begin thinking about current planned release of PostGIS 3.1.0 and next releases, and major features to be attempted.

  • wiki:PostGIS31 topics
  • PostGIS 3.1 ticket triage (if not released yet) otherwise work/planning for PostGIS 3.2
  • PostgreSQL integration
    • Desired core improvements
    • Core features we should make use of
  • Discuss feasibility / strategies for GEOS overlay features and TOAST
  • Performance testing suite
  • What goes in NEWS file and announcements
  • Packaging concerns - LTS / static / dependency
  • Suggestion: Obfuscate security e-mail to reduce spam.
  • Suggestion: Reduce the number of supported stable releases to 2 (3.0 + 3.1 + master once 3.1 is released)
  • Add your own … ?


PostGIS (and GEOS, Proj, PgSQL, GDAL, CGAL, etc?) people who will be there:

  • Paul Ramsey (all)
  • Regina Obe (all)
  • Leo Hsu (if people talk about strategy instead of boring stuff like code)
  • Darafei Praliaskouski (assuming no country chaos can attend all)
  • Raúl Marín (all)
  • Greg Troxel (at least part)
  • Martin Davis (all)
  • Sandro Santilli (might jump in during the last 2 hours)


Meeting Notes

  • TBD during the event
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