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Google Season of Docs 2019

This page captures ideas and accomplishments for the PostGIS submission to the Google Season of Docs 2019.

PostgreSQL is also participating (wiki).


  • Martin Davis (Crunchy Data)
  • Regina Obe (Paragon Corporation)

Documentation Project Ideas

Content style review

Sugggested by: Martin Davis

Edit all content for prose style consistency, typos, spelling mistakes, etc.


Suggested by: Regina Obe

How to Workbooks that walk a user thru how to use each of the core pieces of PostGIS

  • Geometry / Geography - Loading data (shp2pgsql, QGIS DbManager), querying data, viewing data in various tools (OpenJump, QGIS, pgAdmin4), performance tuning
  • Topology - Converting existing data into topologies, building topogeometries, viewing data, and querying data
  • Raster - Deciding on tiles sizes, Loading raster data with raster2pgsql, querying raster data alone, raster / geometry queries, converting raster to geometry, viewing raster data in QGIS


Documentation tickets

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