Compiling using Mingw64-w64, Mingw64-w32 for 64-bit/32-bit (work in Progress)

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If you want to get to the last step fast to immediately start compiling PostGIS without having to compile the dependencies, you can download our prepared mingw64+msys build environment which you can download from and for 32-bit (for PostgreSQL 9.2 (32-bit 9.1 and below have to use old msys chain) Then you just extract the zip so you have ming32 and or ming64 on your C:\ming32, C:\ming64 and launch the corresponding msys\msys.bat

For PostgreSQL 9.3+ we build with GCC 4.8 chain —,

Please note that the can be used in windows xp 32-bit - windows 7 32-bit/64-bit Windows 7 64-bit can definitely build for both the 32-bit and 64-bit by downloading both the ming32 and ming64 and launching the corresponding msys.bat. We haven't ever tried trying to build 64-bit on 32-bit windows so not sure if that is possible. Our build setup is for building on windows, though in theory you can build for windows on Linux by using the mingw64- linux compiled, we have never tried that.

If you want to start with your own mingw64 install and then add additional items refer to DevWikiMingW64_Setup

variables used

For building we always have these variables defined in our sh scripts You can switch the 64 to 32 if you are building with our ming32 environment. Full script for dependencies you can download from

export OS_BUILD=64
export PROJECTS=/projects
export GCC_TYPE=gcc48
if [ "$OS_BUILD" == "64" ] ; then
	export MINGHOST=x86_64-w64-mingw32
	export MINGHOST=i686-w64-mingw32

create project folders

The download files we have above already have these folders and we like to keep each set separate. The below we set to 64 for our ming64 folder

mkdir pgx${OS_BUILD}
mkdir postgresql
mkdir geos
mkdir proj
mkdir docbook
mkdir gdal


mkdir gdal
cd ${PROJECTS}/gdal
export GDAL_VER=1.10.0
rm gdal-${GDAL_VER}.tar.gz
rm -rf gdal-${GDAL_VER}
tar xvfz gdal-${GDAL_VER}.tar.gz
cd gdal-${GDAL_VER}
CPPFLAGS="-I${PROJECTS}/rel-libiconv-1.13.1w${OS_BUILD}${GCC_TYPE}/include" LDFLAGS="-L${PROJECTS}/rel-libiconv-1.13.1w${OS_BUILD}${GCC_TYPE}/lib"
./configure --build=${MING_HOST} --with-curl=no --with-threads=no --prefix=${PROJECTS}/gdal/rel-${GDAL_VER}w${OS_BUILD}${GCC_TYPE}
make && make install
cd ${PROJECTS}/gdal/rel-${GDAL_VER}w${OS_BUILD}${GCC_TYPE}/bin
strip *.dll
#cd ${PROJECTS}/gdal/gdal-${GDAL_VER}
#make clean


cd ${PROJECTS}/docbook

Download the latest Docbook from into that folder and untar.

Extract somewhere. In this case I chose my projects folder. You'll need to set this folder for the —with-xsldir setting

You should have a folder now docbook/docbook-xsl-1.76.1 or something similar

4. Compiling GEOS

Download latest GEOS source from You can also use the trunk svn version which is what we use. NOTE: To take advantage of new functions like ST_DelaunayTriangles, you need GEOS 3.4dev which is trunk.

We've never used the tar balls for GEOS we always build from svn and extract into the geos/branches/whateverversion

For building with GEOS we prefer CMake moving forward. CMake is included as part of our ming..gcc48 build environments., but you can also download executables for windows from We are using the 2.8.11 binaries from that site, but most any recent should work.

export PATH="/mingw/bin:/mingw/include:/mingw/lib:/bin"
mkdir ${PROJECTS}/geos
mkdir ${PROJECTS}/geos/branches
cd ${PROJECTS}/geos/branches
svn checkout 3.4
cd ${PROJECTS}/geos/branches/3.4
svn update
export PATH="${PATH}:${CMAKE_PATH}/bin"
export GEOS_VER=3.4.0dev
#make distclean
#if building from svn
cd ../
rm -rf buildw${OS_BUILD}
mkdir -p buildw${OS_BUILD}
cd buildw${OS_BUILD}
if [[ "${OS_BUILD}" == "64" ]] ; then
make install
make test
strip ${PROJECTS}/geos/rel-${GEOS_VER}w${OS_BUILD}${GCC_TYPE}/bin/*.dll


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