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Some functions still give unknown geometry type 13 for Polyhedral Surface

Reported by: robe Owned by: colivier
Priority: low Milestone: PostGIS 2.0.0
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I think its mostly the GEOS functions.

For example

ST_Covers, ST_Boundary

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comment:1 by colivier, 13 years ago

There's several issues here:

  • I don't know now if GEOS guys would want to enlarge geometries handled, and then be able to do more than POINT/LINE/POLYGON and their aggregates. (I've already read JTS topic when Curves support was done, and it was a No)
  • If they do, i don't know if it could be done easily or if it better worth to rewrite the whole thing !
  • I never planned to do such a thing for 2.0, or at least not without an appropriate funding (current 3D stuff is done on Oslandia R&D time)
  • Only exception on that is IsValid functions because it's a really basic needs (#428)
  • On a more long term concern, we have to thing to a way to support topology operations (as GEOS do now) on most/all ISO 19107 types.

(I keep the ticket open for reactions and thoughts)

comment:2 by robe, 13 years ago


Actually I wasn't thinking about that. Just that we can't have people's servers crashing if they accidentally use these functions with the new geometry types. So we should throw an unsupported error where appropriate. Would be a nice for a more single place to do this.

comment:3 by robe, 13 years ago

ah never mind — I put the comment in the wrong one. For this it should just register a meaning ful name rather than type 13

comment:4 by colivier, 13 years ago

Ok that's an far easyest challenge ;) Done as r5847.

comment:5 by colivier, 13 years ago

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