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[raster] Some functions are missing in the XML reference

Reported by: pracine Owned by: robe
Priority: medium Milestone: PostGIS 2.0.0
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These functions should added to the XML documentation:





It would also be good to separate functions accessing (or setting) RASTER metadata from functions accessing (or setting) BAND metadata from function accessing or setting PIXEL values. Somehow the same way they are organized in rtpostgis.sql

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comment:3 by robe, 14 years ago


Have these documented, but not sure how to break out the sections. Broke some out. Take a look and make suggestions.

Not sure where to put the value ones. The only accessor we have is ST_Value and the others I would consider processing or output. But its a bit of a grey zone.

In the windows download - also have the wktraster_comments.sql (to install the help in PostgreSQL).

Haven't added it as a make target in postgis yet. Mostly cause not familar with that — though it would follow the same routine as the postgis_comments just uses a different xsl file to generate.

comment:4 by pracine, 14 years ago

For me there should be two changes:

-ST_Value should go in a new "Raster Pixel Accessor" section to distinguish the function accessing the global raster, the functions accessing the band and the ones accessing the pixels. I understand that for now there is only one Pixel Accessor and I still have problem imagining any other, but that make more sence to me. At last it should go with the "Band Accessor" ones but certainly not with the "Raster Accessor" ones like it is now.

The second one, I'm not sure:

-It seems to me that ST_Envelope and ST_Box2D should go in the "Raster Processing Functions" like ST_ConvexHull. I understand that in a geometry you really only "access" the value stored in the geometry, but for a raster we have to compute it from the georeference like we compute the convex hull. There is no Box2D, envelope or convex hull already stored that you can access. It is derived information. That's my understanding of the "Accessors".

comment:5 by robe, 14 years ago

Okay made these changes they should show up soon.

For the other pixel accessor. We needed one that worked against point geometry. I think we have that on the list todo. Gives the pixel value at an intersecting point.

We have it here

Seems to give the right answers as far as we can tell.

comment:6 by pracine, 14 years ago

Milestone: WKTRaster 0.1.6PostGIS 2.0.0

Please list any function missing in the documentation here.

comment:7 by pracine, 14 years ago

Summary: [wktraster] Some functions are missing in the XML reference[raster] Some functions are missing in the XML reference

comment:8 by robe, 13 years ago

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