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Cirrus CI is still in fail mode

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I suspect Cirrus is just failing currently with this error

libtoolize: Consider adding '-I macros' to ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS in
* Running /usr/local/bin/aclocal (1.16.5) /usr/local/lib/perl5/5.32/mach/CORE/ Undefined symbol "strerror_l@FBSD_1.6"
Use of uninitialized value $macro in exists at /usr/local/bin/aclocal line 820, <GEN75> line 250.
  Something went wrong, giving up!

Seems the perl5 is screwed up on it - this is the FreeBSD-amd64 run

The freebsd13 is failing too at the end of configure with:

service postgresql onestart
2022-04-15 12:03:43.357 UTC [20014] LOG:  starting PostgreSQL 12.10 on amd64-portbld-freebsd13.0, compiled by FreeBSD clang version 11.0.1 ( llvmorg-11.0.1-0-g43ff75f2c3fe), 64-bit
2022-04-15 12:03:43.357 UTC [20014] LOG:  listening on IPv6 address "::1", port 5432
2022-04-15 12:03:43.357 UTC [20014] LOG:  listening on IPv4 address "", port 5432
2022-04-15 12:03:43.360 UTC [20014] LOG:  listening on Unix socket "/tmp/.s.PGSQL.5432"
2022-04-15 12:03:43.367 UTC [20014] LOG:  ending log output to stderr
2022-04-15 12:03:43.367 UTC [20014] HINT:  Future log output will go to log destination "syslog".
su -l postgres -c "createuser -s `whoami`"
Shell session I/O error: context deadline exceeded

I think maybe we should just turn it off until we can figure out what's up.

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this was fixed a long time ago by Loic Bartoletti

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