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can't upgrade from unpackaged 3.0 to 3.0.0rc1 - debbie

Reported by: robe Owned by: robe
Priority: low Milestone: PostGIS 3.0.0
Component: QA/buildbots Version: master
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debbie is failing upgrading from unpackaged. I didn't even know she did those tests. Though I can't make out what exactly failed

08:54:45 if echo "-v --extension --upgrade-path=unpackaged3.0--3.0.0rc1" | grep -vq -- --upgrade; then \
08:54:45 	/usr/bin/perl ../../../regress/ --upgrade --raster -v --extension --upgrade-path=unpackaged3.0--3.0.0rc1 check_gdal load_outdb check_raster_columns check_raster_overviews rt_io rt_bytea rt_wkb box3d rt_addband rt_band rt_tile rt_dimensions rt_scale rt_pixelsize rt_upperleft rt_rotation rt_georeference rt_set_properties rt_isempty rt_hasnoband rt_metadata rt_rastertoworldcoord rt_worldtorastercoord rt_convexhull rt_envelope rt_band_properties rt_set_band_properties rt_pixelaspolygons rt_pixelaspoints rt_pixelascentroids rt_setvalues_array rt_summarystats rt_count rt_histogram rt_quantile rt_valuecount rt_valuepercent rt_bandmetadata rt_pixelvalue rt_neighborhood rt_nearestvalue rt_pixelofvalue rt_polygon rt_setbandpath rt_utility rt_fromgdalraster rt_asgdalraster rt_astiff rt_asjpeg rt_aspng rt_reclass rt_gdalwarp rt_asraster rt_dumpvalues rt_makeemptycoverage rt_createoverview rt_mapalgebraexpr rt_mapalgebrafct rt_mapalgebraexpr_2raster rt_mapalgebrafct_2raster rt_mapalgebrafctngb rt_mapalgebrafctngb_userfunc rt_intersection rt_clip rt_mapalgebra rt_mapalgebra_expr rt_mapalgebra_mask rt_union rt_invdistweight4ma rt_4ma rt_setvalues_geomval rt_elevation_functions rt_colormap rt_grayscale rt_gist_relationships rt_intersects rt_samealignment rt_geos_relationships rt_iscoveragetile bug_test_car5 permitted_gdal_drivers tickets loader/Basic loader/Projected loader/BasicCopy loader/BasicFilename loader/BasicOutDB loader/Tiled10x10 loader/Tiled10x10Copy loader/Tiled8x8 loader/TiledAuto loader/TiledAutoSkipNoData clean; \
08:54:45 fi
08:54:45 make: Leaving directory '/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/postgis/branches/3.0/raster/test/regress'
08:54:45 PASS: upgrade unpackaged3.0--3.0.0rc1
08:54:45 Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure

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comment:1 by robe, 5 years ago

Component: build/upgrade/installbuildbots
Owner: changed from strk to robe
Priority: blockerlow

I'm going to switch this to low. It seems that some of her upgrade runs succeed and when I go look at the failed ones 9.5 and 11, I can't find any extension files installed.

So I suspect what's happening is because PostgreSQL group has high activity today, the postgresql build is wiping out the postgresql she's running on. So a case of long standing issue of the carpet is being pulled from under her feet.

The ones that succeed I see extension files installed. I confirmed that the ones where I don't see extension files, the tests running with extensions are succeeding. Therefore there must be a point in time when those extension files exist.

I'll keep an eye out but don't think it's worth holding up release for this.

comment:2 by robe, 5 years ago

Resolution: invalid
Status: newclosed

Well she's showing all blue now so I'm going to dismiss this as a non-issue.

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