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Creating topogeom errors when topogeom name includes CAPITAL LETTERS

Reported by: LucasBr Owned by: strk
Priority: medium Milestone: PostGIS 2.2.2
Component: topology Version: 2.2.x
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I was getting an error when trying to create a topogeom with a name that included capital letters. Shouldn't Postgresql be case insensitive? The error occurs in the "toTopoGeom" function.

See reproducible example bellow

-- Testing case sensitivity

SELECT topology.DropTopology('test1');
SELECT topology.CreateTopology('test1',32719);
SELECT topology.addtopogeometrycolumn('test1', 'public','temp_geom_ac','tg_a','POLYGON');
UPDATE temp_geom_ac SET tg_a = toTopoGeom(geom_dump_utm,'test1', 1, 1) ;

-- ERROR:  Spatial exception - geometry intersects edge 541
-- CONTEXT:  PL/pgSQL function totopogeom(geometry,topogeometry,double precision) line 111 at FOR over SELECT rows
-- PL/pgSQL function totopogeom(geometry,character varying,integer,double precision) line 94 at assignment

-- Above, with tg_a in lower letters,  it "works" (I mean the erros is  because of problems in the polygons, not calling the topogeom name)

SELECT topology.DropTopology('test2');
SELECT topology.CreateTopology('test2',32719);
SELECT topology.addtopogeometrycolumn('test2', 'public','temp_geom_ac','tg_B','POLYGON');
UPDATE temp_geom_ac SET tg_B = toTopoGeom(geom_dump_utm,'test2', 1, 1) ;

-- ERROR:  column "tg_b" of relation "temp_geom_ac" does not exist
-- LINE 1: UPDATE temp_geom_ac SET tg_B = toTopoGeom(geom_dump_utm,'tes...

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PostgreSQL lowercases identifiers when you don't quote them. The AddTopoGeometryColumn? function always retains full casing of the identifiers you pass as string parameters, so the field would be called "tg_B". If you quote it in the UPDATE statement it should work.

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