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ST_CurveToLine does not support COMPOUNDCURVE in MULTICURVE

Reported by: strk Owned by: strk
Priority: medium Milestone: PostGIS 2.0.4
Component: postgis Version: 2.0.x
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This works:

select ST_CurveToLine('COMPOUNDCURVE((0 0, 10 0),CIRCULARSTRING(10 0, 20 1, 30 10))');

This complains:

select ST_CurveToLine(st_multi('COMPOUNDCURVE((0 0, 10 0),CIRCULARSTRING(10 0, 20 1, 30 10))'));
ERROR:  Unsupported geometry of type CompoundCurve found in MultiCurve.

Weird to see it, given the non-multi one works fine…

2.0.3 is affected. In 1.5 a COMPOUNDCURVE within a MULTICURVE is actually considered invalid at WKT parsing time, but this was fixed in 2.0 (I believe it's completely valid, COMPOUNDCURVE being a subclass of a CURVE exactly like LINESTRING and CIRCULARSTRING)

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Resolution: fixed
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r11784 in trunk (2.2.0), r11785 in 2.1 branch (2.1.0), r11786 in 2.0 branch (2.0.4). Won't backport to 1.5 because WKT parser refuses to accept that kind of geometry (which is instead valid).

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